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Blumil Creative Finance Guide


5 creative ways to finance your Blumil

You can use one or all of these methods to raise money for your Blumil. While you’re raising money, remember these three things:

1) People will surprise you! Generosity can come in all forms.

2) Ask people to share what you are doing.

3) Don’t be discouraged.There ARE people out there who are excited to help you!

If you don't try, you’ll never know whether you could’ve raised enough money to afford a Blumil.




1) Create a crowdfunding campaign

Crowdfunding websites are everywhere now, and they aren't just for selling products. Medical and personal crowdfunding websites, like Go Fund MeYou CaringGive Forward, and Indiegogo, help individuals realize goals, from travel to covering medical expenses. I'm sure you have plenty of family and friends surrounding you that would love to help you out with this incredible self-balancing mobility device.

I have successfully raise thousands of dollars using crowdfunding, and surprisingly, I just helped fund a project this morning! 


Check with the crowdfunding platform to see if you will receive the funds whether or not your campaign goal is reached. If you WILL receive the funds (even if your goal isn’t reached), then ask for the total amount of money you need. If you WILL NOT receive the funds if your goal isn’t reached (like Kickstarter), then set a very low goal, maybe just a ⅓ of the overall amount you need. By setting a low goal, you have a better chance of successfully funding your campaign 100%. It helps to specify in your campaign that you really need the full 100% of the product price, but even a ⅓ of the money (aka your initial campaign goal) will help, although you plan on using other fundraising methods.

Your Story...

You want to essentially sell your story. To make it as compelling as possible, you should really make a video. Answer questions like, “Why are you in a wheelchair?” or “What’s been the most difficult situation you’ve dealt with because of …” or “What will owning a Blumil do for you personally? What will it do for your family?” Don’t be vague or general. Focus on a few key stories, anecdotes and benefits, and be specific about them. Google “How to create a compelling crowdfunding campaign” and take action on those suggestions.

Here are two videos to help inspire you to create your own. Take note of the camera angles, use of slow motion, stories and music.

screen-shot-2016-08-22-at-12.22.34-pm.png screen-shot-2016-08-22-at-12.22.45-pm.png

Here’s a link to different wheelchair campaigns on

Here’s a link to royalty free music to help you make your video:

2) Think outside of the Segway

Segway is no longer the only player in the self-balancing mobility game. Consumers now have many choices when it comes to self-balancing mobility devices. From the Ninebot to the Airwheel, self-balancing mobility has gotten better, cheaper, and more intuitive. The Blumil City and Junior attach to an Airwheel Mini. By choosing to use the Blumil, you will save yourself close to $5,000!

3) Sell your old wheelchair

Sell back your old wheelchair and put the money towards the Blumil, the only powered mobility device that you will need! We have an awesome wheelchair buy back program at Living Spinal. We are happy to offer you money for your gently used wheelchairs. Check out our program here:

4) Look towards government programs

There are a few alternative programs that help supplement what your insurance does not cover. Some states have non-Medicaid based financial assistance programs to help people living with disabilities maintain their independent lifestyles. Sadly, these assistance programs are rapidly shrinking due to economic cutbacks, but here is a list of states that still offer assistance:

5) Get creative!

From sports fundraisers to charitable wedding registries, there are plenty of options out there to help you fund a Blumil. Because the Blumil will help enhance your daily life, making it easier to get around and get outside, many people will jump at the chance to help raise money for your cause. The biggest hurdle is just making the ask! Host a softball tournament with a small entry fee, or ask for sponsorship to participate in a can even ask for donations to your cause in lieu of birthday and/or holiday gifts! Thinking outside of the box will get you that much closer to your goal.

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