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Wheelchair Rollers and Treadmills

Want a fitness solution that is compatible with your wheelchair? Try out a set of rollers! They're comparatively inexpensive, easy to collapse and store, and you can roll right onto them without any transfers. We carry everything from the reliable basics to smart, weight adjustable fitness masterpieces. 




Wheelchair rollers and treadmills are both essential pieces of equipment designed to facilitate mobility and physical activity. A wheelchair treadmill, often known as a wheelchair roller trainer, is specifically crafted to aid individuals in improving their upper body strength and endurance.

They simulate the act of propelling a wheelchair, offering resistance to help build arm muscles and enhance cardiovascular fitness. On the other hand, wheelchair training rollers are versatile exercise machines that cater to various fitness levels.

While primarily intended for walking, jogging, or running, treadmills can also accommodate wheelchair users by providing a flat, predictable surface for movement. They offer customizable speed and incline settings, allowing users to engage in cardiovascular workouts and improve overall fitness within a controlled environment.

Both wheelchair rollers and treadmills serve as valuable tools in promoting physical wellness and supporting individuals in achieving their fitness goals.

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