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Wheelchair Ramps & Vehicle Lifts

Nothing is more important than being able to get into your own home, let alone your place of work, or even your vehicle! Our wheelchair ramp and scooter ramps selection is the most comprehensive on the market. Portable wheelchair ramps, and suitcase ramps allow you to go places without having to worry about accessability. Living with disability doesn't have to take the fun out of living. Now, you can visit parks, malls, and other places all by yourself. Portable wheelchair ramps, suitcase ramps, and vehicle wheelchair ramps will help you get there safely.

At Living Spinal, we want to help you improve the quality of your life by offering you nothing but the best. We can proudly and honestly say that we carry brands that aren't just popular, but are widely known for innovation, high quality and reliability.
  • GoLite Portable Mini Lift GoLite Portable Mini Lift

    GoLite Portable Mini Lift

    GoLite Portable Mini Lift The Lightest Portable Lift for Foldable Scooters and Power Chairs. Only 25 lbs  with Battery. Simply Amazing! Features: It does the lifting for you. Up to 100...

    $1,399.99 $1,095.00
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  • PVI Multifold Ramp PVI Multifold Ramp

    PVI Multifold Ramp

    PVI Multifold Ramps Aluminum Ramps for Wheelchairs and Scooters Are you looking for an easy-to-carry, portable ramp for your wheelchair? Look no further...PVI Multifold Ramps can easily be folded into two pieces for simple carrying. The PVI Multifold...

    $390.90 $329.99
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  • Multifold Reach Multifold Reach

    PVI Multifold Reach Ramp

    PVI Multifold Reach Ramp These lightweight aluminum multifold ramps have been safety tested at a 3x safety factor and are easy to handle and set up. An extended hook allows the ramp to clear the bumper and rear door seal of your van or SUV for...

    $499.99 $449.99
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  • Handi-Ramp Segway Loading Ramps Handi-Ramp Segway Loading Ramps

    Handi-Ramp Segway Loading Ramps

    Handi-Ramp Segway Loading Ramps Handi-Ramp's Segway track ramps are less in weight, hard-wearing, come in pairs, easy to assemble and it can be folded to half making them compact and portable. Now your segway HT scooter can be easily loaded and...

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  • Handiramp Threshold Plate

    Handiramp Threshold Plate

    HandiRamp Bridge Threshold Plate Threshold Ramps from Handi-Ramp improve doorway mobility by creating a gentle incline and decline at the door threshold. They are designed to make single-step or doorway applications wheelchair accessible. All...

  • Telescopic Channel Ramp Telescopic Channel Ramp

    Telescopic Channel Ramp - Alumiramp

    Telescopic Channel Ramp - Alumiramp The TELESCOPIC CHANNEL RAMP is constructed of lightweight anodized aluminum with a black non-skid surface for traction. Useful for wheelchairs and some scooters, they have a wide 71/2" usable track. Each channel...

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  • Rubber Threshold Ramp Rubber Threshold Ramp

    Rubber Threshold Ramp - Alumiramp

    Rubber Threshold Ramp - Alumiramp The RUBBER THRESHOLD RAMP is made of recycled rubber and can be used for thresholds up to 2 1/2". This design is especially useful for sliding doors or doors that fit tightly in their frame as it does not cross the...

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  • Threshold Ramp Threshold Ramp

    Threshold Ramp - Alumiramp

    Threshold Ramp - Alumiramp Our low profile aluminum THRESHOLD RAMP is ideal for use at doorways and thresholds from 1" to 4" in height. The 2" top lip seamlessly covers the existing threshold for a smooth transition and adjusts to varying heights. The...