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Supracor Wheelchair Seat Cushions

Supracor wheelchair seat cushions are cutting-edge products designed to provide exceptional comfort, support, and pressure relief for wheelchair users. These cushions feature innovative Stimulite honeycomb technology, which consists of flexible, interconnected cells that distribute weight evenly and conform to the body's contours, reducing pressure points and promoting circulation.

The honeycomb structure also allows for excellent airflow, ventilation, and temperature regulation, keeping users cool and comfortable. A Supracor cushion is lightweight, durable, and easy to maintain, making them ideal for daily use.

Tab Supracor cushions come in various thicknesses and sizes to accommodate different wheelchair models and user preferences, and they are often recommended for individuals at risk of developing pressure ulcers or seeking superior seating comfort. Overall, a Supracor tablet wheelchair seat cushions combine advanced technology with ergonomic design to enhance the overall seating experience and well-being of wheelchair users.

Looking to find the right Supracor cushion for you? Give us a call and one of our wheelchair cushion specialists can help you find the right product: 1-619-810-0010.

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