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Rear-Attaching Power Assists for Wheelchair Mobility


Rear-Attaching Power Assists have specific advantages over other forms of mobility-assists. Namely, they're completely out of the way! Get a great power assistance from a unit that is handsfree and easy to control.

  • The SmartDrive MX2 segmented wheel. The SmartDrive MX2 segmented wheel.

    SmartDrive MX2+ Power Assist System

     SmartDrive MX2+ Power Assist System   The SmartDrive MX2+ is the most innovative power assist on the market! Incredibly light and portable, yet strong and robust. Though small, it is powerful enough to help you navigate your wheelchair...

    $7,999.99 $6,675.40
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  • SMOOV One, by Alber SMOOV One, by Alber

    SMOOV One, by Alber

      SMOOV One Power Assist SMOOV One Tech Specs:  Easy to mount and remove with one hand Up to a 12 mile range Motor can handle slopes and inclines of up to 16% Blue Tooth Connectivity - App controlled for high degree of customization...

    $6,895.00 $5,500.00
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  • Spinergy ZX-1 Power Add-On from Back Spinergy ZX-1 Power Add-On from Right

    Spinergy ZX-1 Power Add-On

    Spinergy ZX-1 Power Add-On - HCPCS K0108 Turn your wheelchair into a power chair in seconds using the revolutionary ZX-1 Power Add-On unit! The ZX-1's modern lightweight design is highly maneuverable, easy to operate, and is packed with features...

    $9,995.00 $7,995.00
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