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Urinary Leg Drainage Bags

A urinary drainage leg bag is a specialized medical device designed to manage urinary incontinence or collect urine output in individuals with urinary catheters. These leg bags are worn discreetly on the leg, typically attached to a leg bag strap or holder, providing a secure and comfortable fit.

A urinary leg bag features a drainage tube that connects to the urinary catheter, allowing urine to flow into the bag for collection. A leg drainage bag is often equipped with anti-reflux valves to prevent urine from flowing back into the catheter and causing infection.

These bags come in various sizes and capacities to accommodate different levels of urine output and user preferences. Urinary leg drainage bags are designed to be easy to use, hygienic, and convenient, providing individuals with a reliable and discreet solution for managing urinary conditions while maintaining comfort and mobility.

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