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Top products for wheelchair users

Check out our favorite products for wheelchair users! Bet you haven't seen a few of these crazy click the images below to see how they can and will improve your mobility and life!
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  • FreeWheel Wheelchair Attachment FreeWheel Wheelchair Attachment

    FreeWheel Wheelchair Attachment

    Check out the Top Ten Ways the FreeWheel will Change your Life FreeWheel Wheelchair Attachment In seconds it quickly and securely clamps to the solid footrest of your rigid-frame manual chair or any folding chair using the Freewheel folding...

    $799.00 $599.00
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  • Vinyl rim covers easy installation on wheelchair handrims Vinyl rim covers easy installation on wheelchair handrims

    Super Grip Vinyl Pushrim Cover

    Super Grip Vinyl Pushrim Covers Super Grip Vinyl Pushrim Covers provide better grip than traditional, more expensive pushrims. They easily slip over your existing rim without the need for tools. Older, more traditional, vinyl coated hand-rims are...

  • Active Bag, by FFORA

    Active Bag, by FFORA

    The Active Bag by FFORA Welcome to the FFORA FFamily, where high fashion has finally met wheelchair lifestyle. Our stylish yet functional wheelchair knick knacks are for men and women, and they'll give you easy access to your essentials when you need...

  • BIGPAW Footplate BIGPAW Footplate

    BIGPAW Footplate

     BIGPAW  Making Wheelchair Life Safer With BIGPAW, life in a wheelchair just got a whole lot easier. BIGPAW is a wheelchair footplate, designed with you in mind.  Adrian Hollis, invented BIGPAW after he had troubles with traditional...

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    BLUMIL GO First of all, the Blumil Go is extremely easy to use. You stay seated in your own wheelchair. Approach the Blumil GO, press one button and connect to an electric power add on. This will convert your manual wheelchair into an electric handbike...

    $3,599.00 $2,999.00
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  • GlassOuse Assistive Device GlassOuse

    GlassOuse Assistive Device

    Glassouse Assistive Device GlassOuse Assistive Device is a hands-free device worn like glasses to control your computer, smartphone, or television with only your head. It's hybrid glass-mouse connection technology is precise and easy to use. Worn as...

    $499.00 $489.95
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  • SMOOV One, by Alber SMOOV One, by Alber

    SMOOV One, by Alber

       Tech Specs:  Easy to mount and remove with one hand Up to a 12 mile range Motor can handle slopes and inclines of up to 16% Blue Tooth Connectivity - App controlled for high degree of customization to user Available in 4mph...

    $6,895.00 $5,500.00
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  • Spinner Knob - Sure Grip Spinner Knob - Sure Grip

    Spinner Knob - Sure Grip

    SURE-GRIP SPINNER KNOBS Minimal Steering Wheel Damage: Our clamshell style base distributes the clamping force across the maximum possible area, reducing the pressure points that damage steering wheels. Easy Spinning: This is the only spinner...