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Living Spinal has partnered with IntimateRider® to assist users with various disabilities in providing the best Disability Sex aids. 

A disability may complicate your sex life, but it doesn't have to end it. Living Spinal understands how important sexual intimacy is for couples with limited mobility and after thorough research; we have found the IntimateRider® Chair to be the best solutions for your needs.

Improved sexual mobility also leads to better mental health, relationships with greater intimacy, and overall better quality of life for people with disabilities.




With high quality products, we can ensure your satisfaction when you choose to enhance your lifestyle in the bedroom. Improve your life with the right disability sexual aids, you won't regret it.

Looking to find the right accessories for you? Give us a call and one of our medical assist specialists can help you find the right accessories: 1-619-810-0010. Otherwise, visit the below resource links to best assist with products that are suited directly towards your disability.

- Sex After a Spinal Cord Injury

- Sex after a stroke

- Sex with Arthritis 

- Sex and back pain

- Sex after amputation

- Sex over sixty



  • IntimateRider Adventure Set Intimate Rider

    IntimateRider Adventure Set

    IntimateRider® Sex Chair & RiderMate™ Deluxe Wedge Adventure Set for Wheelchair Users The IntimateRider® Adventure Set offers increased sexual mobility for you and your partner while providing comfort and stability...

    $1,198.00 $870.00
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  • IntimateRider Romance Set Intimate Rider

    IntimateRider Romance Set

    IntimateRider® Sex Chair & RiderMate™ Bench Romance Set for Wheelchair Users Designed for Couples who Refuse to Let Physical Challenges Get in the Way! Using the IntimateRider® with the RiderMate™ Bench will give you...

    $998.00 $720.00
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  • Intimate Rider_Using Intimate_Rider_Ridermate_Deluxe_Wedge_Kit_Combo_Use

    IntimateRider Sex Chair

    IntimateRider® Sex Chair for Wheelchair Users Looking for the best sexual mobility aid on the market? Look no further! The IntimateRider® Chair is specifically designed for disabled sex and those couples who refuse to let...

    $599.00 $499.00
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  • Intimate Rider High Back Sex Chair Intimate Rider Sex Chair

    IntimateRider High Back Sex Chair

    IntimateRider® High Back Sex Chair for Wheelchair Users Designed for Couples who Refuse to Let Physical Challenges Get in the Way! The IntimateRider® High Back sexual mobility aid supports taller users by adding 4" more of back support. The...

    $699.00 $569.00
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  • RiderMate Bench for IntimateRider Chair

    RiderMate Bench for IntimateRider Chair

    RiderMate™ Positioning Bench for Intimate Rider Chair So you've experienced the IntimateRider® first hand and thought, 'It doesn't get any better than this.' Well it does! Introducing the RiderMate, made exclusively for your partner to use...

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  • RiderMate Replacement Cover

    RiderMate Replacement Cover

    RiderMate™ Bench Replacement Cover   Replacement fabric for the RiderMate™ Bench for the IntimateRider® Chair.   Features Fabric that is easily replaceable   Specifications: 22 x 10 x 4 (L x W x H)

    $119.00 $75.00
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  • Intimate Rider Chair Positioning Strap

    IntimateRider Chair Positioning Strap

    IntimateRider® Chair Positioning Strap Looking for something to alleviate the back strain during intimacy? Look no further! The IntimateRider® Sex Chair Positioning Strap will help take some of the pressure from your back.    ...

    $119.00 $55.00
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  • RiderMate Carrying Bag RiderMate Carrying Bag

    RiderMate Carrying Bag

    The RiderMate™ Carrying Bag The RiderMate™ Carrying Bag allows you to bring the RiderMate™ Bench with you on your next vacation! Key Features: Custom Design Just for the RiderMate : RiderMate Fits Nicely Durable Material : Heavy...

    $127.50 $105.00
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