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Wedge Cushions for Wheelchairs / Positioning Wedges

A wedge cushion for wheelchair use is a specialized seating accessory designed to provide support and promote proper positioning for wheelchair users. These wheelchair wedge cushions typically have a wedge-shaped incline, with the higher end positioned towards the rear of the wheelchair.

The incline helps to tilt the pelvis slightly forward, encouraging a more neutral spine alignment and reducing the risk of slouching or pressure on the lower back. A wedge for wheelchair use can be made from various materials, such as foam or gel, to offer comfort and pressure relief.

They are particularly beneficial for individuals who spend extended periods in a wheelchair, helping to alleviate discomfort and prevent issues like pressure sores. These cushions are adjustable and come in different sizes to accommodate various wheelchair models, providing users with a customizable and supportive seating solution.

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    Wedge, by Varilite

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