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Why Your Wheelchair Backpack Sucks


Wheelchair backpacks just plain stink...but they don't have to.

Find out what wheelchair users are saying about their wheelchair backpacks and the solution to all of their problems. This is a bigger issue than you might think.

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The Dynamic Bag

Made for manual wheelchair users only, this is the first dynamic backpack that the users can pull from the back side to the front, giving you full access to your personal belongings with virtually no effort.

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Posted by Linda Hill on Mar 10th 2017

My arms would constantly be bruised when I would have to use them to turn my body to try and dig through my backpack. With the handy bag, there is no more twisting around and blind digging! I can finally easily slide the bag out and put it in my lap, find what I need and then easily put it back in the holder on the back of my chair. I'm also not worried about pickpockets since the zippers are inside the holder. Excellent purchase for me.


Posted by Rick Q. on Mar 10th 2017

Some of my biggest problems in life are some of the smallest. When it comes to reaching for things, like my wallet or catheter supplies when I'm in a hurry (if you know what I mean) time is of the essence. The HandyBag allows easy access to your bag in seconds so its out in front of you on your lap. Your not fighting with your backpack struglling to get into it and then scrounging for supplies or bending over and underneath your chair putting pressure on an already full bladder to reach for a catheter or supplies. Best of all its awesomly designed to look cool and it comes in colors to match you, your chair and your lifestyle. Don't take my word for it buy your own and have it change your life too.


Posted by Brian Page on Mar 10th 2017

I'll do my best to list out why this is the best wheelchair backpack I have ever seen.
1) The velcro that hold the bag inside the Carrier are easy to attach and detach from the backrest frame rails. I simply loop my thumb into one of the velcro mounts and pull the bag onto my lap. Genius!
2) The zippers have huge loops that are easy to grab
3) The Carrier protects my bag from prying eyes. I'm guessing most people don't even know what this is on the back of my chair. Is it an oxygen tank? Is it part of his backrest? That's exactly what I want people to think.
4) The Carrier forces the Handy Bag to sit much closer to my back then my other backpacks ever did, completely eliminating my bag from swinging (when I'd carry heavy stuff). It also keeps my center of gravity in a good spot. Other bags will simply pull straight down because of gravity, while the Handy Bag will stay tight against my backrest.
5) Tight profile, and it looks cool!
6) I don't even think twice about getting my Handy Bag out. It's so easy to take off and on, and rummaging though my bag on my lap is SO MUCH NICER than what I had before.

Thanks Handy Bag for the genius idea, and making it happen with Kickstarter no less!

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