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Scheduled Deliveries For Your Medical Supplies!

Limited Offer

For a limited time, Living Spinal is offering $200 of store credit for Closed System Catheter Subscribers and $100 of store credit for Straight Catheter Subscribers. You can use this store credit for anything in our store. You will receive your store credit once you sign up for reoccurring monthly urological supplies and you have been subscribed for over 2 months. We can even bill your insurance if applicable.

Use the form below to start the process.

rms-medical-supplers-facebook.jpgWe have all done it. Forgetting to place a new order of catheters before it's too late can be a big problem.

Never worry about re-ordering your medical supplies again with Living Spinal's convenient Scheduled Delivery. Each weekly or monthly delivery will arrive at your door with everything you need. If you want to adjust your scheduled delivery, let us know and we will update your order.

We can bill your insurance to get you the best deal possible. Many of our customers are already receiving their monthly shipment of medical supplies, now it's your turn!

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Phone: Call us at 619-810-0010

We will help you build the perfect monthly package, catered for your specific needs. We look forward to talking with you!