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Catheter & Catheter Bags

Bill Insurance

We are in-network with Medicare, Tricare and Medi-Cal to name a few. Please enter your insurance information here so we can charged to your insurance directly. If you would like to schedule catheter shipments, charged to your insurance, please let us know.

Free Samples

Please contact us with the LIVE chat messenger below, or send us an email to request a free sample. Please email:




Our selection of external catheter bags will ensure that users get exactly what they need. A catheter bag is an important health implement that users will be glad to have on hand.

Users can find a foley bag, intermittent bag, and more in our store. Users looking for a urine bag can find a diversity of options to suit whatever it is they need.

Whether users are looking for a foley catheter bag, or other solution we offer users great deals on exteral catheters for men and women. These urine bags are well made, capable of handling tricky materials.

Users can find foley bags, intermittent bags and more from great brands like Teleflex or Medline Industries. Get the right urinary bags for you, and enjoy simpler healthcare.

Looking to find the right catheter for you? Give us a call and one of our catheter specialists can help you find the right product: 1-619-810-0010.

Also, check out our Catheter Supplies & Accessories.