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Pediatric Accessibility & Kids Movement Assistance Devices

Explore our top-quality accessibility products for children. No matter the need, our pediatric mobility device offers supports children of all ages get on the move. From scooters to chairs and other pediatric adaptive equipment, we have the right offering for the child in your life. Our goal is to support kids on the move in all shapes and forms.

Looking for something you don't see? Give us a call and one of our pediatric movement specialists can help you find the right product: 1-619-810-0010.

  • Whill Model C2 Side View Whill Model C2 Dimensions

    WHILL Model C2 Power Wheelchair

    WHILL Model C2 Power Wheelchair The New Era of Personal Mobility Has Finally Arrived with the Whill C2 Wheelchair Freedom to pursue your style Discover a newfound freedom and desire to further explore and engage in the things you...

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  • Freedom Trax in Sand Freedom Trax Black Model

    Freedom Trax FT1 Pro

    Freedom Trax FT1 PRO Use your own wheelchair to explore places you've never thought possible.   A motorized track system designed to transform any wheelchair into an off-road vehicle that can traverse sand, snow, gravel and mud...

    $7,499.00 $6,355.00
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  • Freewheel_front_wheel_attachment_attached Freewheel_front_wheel_attachment_Blue

    FreeWheel Wheelchair Attachment

    FreeWheel Wheelchair Attachment by Living Spinal Looking for a lightweight, durable front wheel wheelchair attachment that in seconds quickly and securely clamps to the solid footrest of your rigid-frame manual chair or any folding chair using the...

    $899.00 $599.00
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  • ResQup Gray w/ Dust Cover Unfolded ResQup Safari Brown w/ Dust Cover Unfolded


    ResQUp TheResQUp™ originated from a specific concern that was directed to Dr. Peraza in the course of his patient care duties about how to raise fallen patients from the floor to chair level. Extensive research, demonstrations of the...

    $549.99 $399.00
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  • Unawheel Maxi Power Assist Handcycle for Wheelchairs, rigid and folding UNAwheel Maxi

    UNAwheel Maxi

    UNAwheel Maxi A powerful, travel-friendly, and stylish power assist for your wheelchair.    The Unawheel Maxi is the next big thing in front-attaching power assists. With a powerful 450W motor it leads the competition in torque and...

    $3,400.00 $2,599.99
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  • The Lil' Excelerator Handcycle, by Top End The Lil' Excelerator Handcycle, by Top End

    The Lil' Excelerator Handcycle, by Top End

    The Lil' Excelerator™ Handcycle. Getting a new bike as a kid is one of the highlights of childhood, so make your child's dreams come true with a brand new handcycle.    Stable and maneuverable, this kid-sized handcycle is safe for...

    $4,499.00 $4,299.00
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  • Anchor Bath Chair_Lateral Support Anchor Bath Chair_Full View

    Anchor Bath Chair, by Circle Specialty

    Anchor Bath Chair, by Circle Specialty Make every adaptive kids bath a breeze with the Anchor Bath Chair! The Anchor Bath Chair ensures that both children and carers can bathe without worry. We prioritize safety and comfort, so your child looks forward...

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  • Pango Activity Chair_Wheel Kit for Wheeled Mobility Base Pango Activity Chair_Full View

    Pango Activity Chair, by Circle Specialty

    Pango Activity Chair, by Circle Specialty The perfect Activity Chair for adaptive kids to keep up with their Peers! The Pango is a new activity classroom chair designed for children with mild to moderate posture problems. Its stylish and intelligent...

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  • Pivot Gait Trainer_Yellow Pivot Gait Trainer_Red

    Pivot Gait Trainer, by Circle Specialty

    Pivot Gait Trainer, by Circle Specialty The Pivot gait trainer is the lightest, most durable and newest Gait Trainer for children! The Pivot Gait Trainer by Circle Specialty is designed for children who need extra assistance and postural alignment...

    $995.00 $749.00
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