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Quokka Bags & Wheelchair Side Bags

A Quokka Bag or wheelchair side bag is an innovative accessory designed to enhance convenience and accessibility for wheelchair users. A Quokka wheelchair bag is versatile and functional, featuring a secure mounting system that allows them to be easily attached to the frame or armrest of a wheelchair.

These Quokka bags come in various sizes and styles, including pouches, totes, and backpacks, providing users with options to carry personal belongings, essentials, and mobility aids conveniently. Wheelchair side bags, on the other hand, are specifically designed to attach to the sides of the wheelchair, offering additional storage space without obstructing mobility or comfort.

Both Quokka Bags and Quokka wheelchair accessories are made from durable materials, often featuring water-resistant properties and multiple compartments for organized storage. These bags are designed with user comfort and accessibility in mind, allowing wheelchair users to carry essentials, keep items within reach, and maintain independence in daily activities.

Looking to find the right Quokka bag for you? Give us a call and one of our wheelchair side bag specialists can help you find the right product: 1-619-810-0010.

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