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Your wheelchair bag sucks, here's why!

Your wheelchair bag just plain stinks.

Yes, yours! We surveyed our customers at Living Spinal and found out that no matter the bag they use (under carriage, purse, backpack) there are downfalls for each and everyone of you.

  • 50% prefer a "medium" sized bag over small or large.
  • 35% were worried about their valuables being stolen out of the bags hanging on the back of their chairs.
  • 63% of people have troubles with their bag's zippers.

Our survey also identified a lot of pitfalls with traditional bags: 

1. Wheelchair backpacks and bags in general are hard to reach.

2. You find yourself fishing blindly behind you to find out what you need.

3. Your bag is wrecking your wheelchair upholstery.

4. Your bag is upsetting the balance of your chair.

5. Your bag is a mess. No organization what-so-ever.

6. Zippers...where do we even begin? Regular zippers are too hard to manipulate and not quad friendly.

7. Your bag is a bear to remove off your chair.

8. The size is all off...either too bulky or too small. Nothing is the right size for your needs.

9. Straps get tangled up in your axel or wheels.

10. It just doesn't feel secure to have your bag hanging behind you.

Your bag sucks, but it doesn't have to!

The Dynamic Bag by Handy Bag is revolutionizing the wheelchair accessories market. Gone are the typical struggles associated with wheelchair bags, backpacks, and under carriage storage. The Handy Bag was designed with the end user in!

Still not convinced you need to update your bag?

Founded by industrial designer Yuir Zair, the Handy Bag was created to make backpacks more accessible for wheelchair users. This is the first dynamic backpack that you can easily pull the bag from the back side of your chair to your front. This gives you full access to your personal belongings with virtually no effort. The DYNAMIC Bag consists of two parts: The CARRIER and The BAG. The bag can be used separately and can function as a traditional bag if needed. The Dynamic Bag sits in a carrier attached to the back of your chair, and uses magnets to attach to the side of your chair for extra security. No one will be able to detach the bag from your chair as the magnet sits in a little dock, attached to the side of your chair and can only be pulled off by the user.

Because a lot of our customers complained about their bag's organization, or lack there of, Yuir Zair decided to create  the Dynamic Bag with three compartments on the front: large, medium and small. On the sides he created two net compartments to stash water bottles separate from valuables. The sides also have "hidden" easy-access pockets to store your phone, wallet, or keys, all within reach.

We also love the size. Large enough to fit a 15" laptop, the Dynamic Handy Bag can store all of your daily needs, each stashed within their own separate and private compartments. And if you have reasonable movement and strength in at least one hand, you should have no problem sliding the bag to your front side to find what you need and storing it behind you again when done.

Even better, the zippers are designed to be easy to use no matter what!  Hope you check out the Handy Bag soon because I know you will love it as much as we do.

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