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Power Assist Wheelchair Wheels for Manual Wheelchair

Our most popular and most all-around useful power assists, hub-drive power assists are uninvasive, extremely durable and versatile, and allow you to continue to retain some movement and mobility without completely converting you to a powered chair.


With power assist wheelchair wheels for a manual wheelchair, users can experience next-level power and performance. Power assist wheels are durable and versatile additions to your chair.

A wheel drive wheelchair power assist is a high tech way move and maneuver a wheelchair. For users seeking such a wheelchair electric wheels are powerful, helping users to move conveniently.

At Living Spinal we offer great deals to anyone seeking power assist wheels for manual wheelchair usage. A wheelchair assist lets users conserve their energy on the move.

Get a chair with electric wheelchair wheels and see what top of the line engineering can do for you.

Looking to find the right power assist wheelchair for you? Give us a call and one of our power assist specialists can help you find the right product: 1-619-810-0010.

  • NaviONE, by Yamaha

    NaviONE, by Yamaha

    Introducing the NaviONE, by Yamaha Uniquely designed to open up a world of extraordinary experiences.   Technical Specifications   Warranty: 2 years on the drive units, one year on the battery Click here to view the User Manual

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  • Twion Basic Power Drive Wheel System Twion Basic Power Drive Wheel System

    Twion Basic Power Drive Wheel System

    Twion Basic Power Drive Wheel System In today's world, the thing people want most is mobility. That's why we need a mode of transport that suits our dynamic lifestyles: efficient, smart and fun to use. Innovative drive technology from Alber delivers the...

    $7,895.00 $6,295.00
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  • Tailwind Power Assist Wheelchair Profile Shot Tailwind Power Assist Wheelchair Hand Switch

    Tailwind Power Assist Wheelchair

    Tailwind Power Assist Wheelchair Just One Switch That is all you need. Just push Tailwind's single, conveniently located on/off switch and you're running. No remote and no configuration. It's that easy. User Controlled Boost. A simple switch gives you...