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Hydrophilic Catheters

Hydrophilic catheters are advanced medical devices designed for intermittent catheterization, particularly for individuals with urinary retention or neurogenic bladder conditions. Unlike traditional catheters, a hydrophilic coating catheter has a specialized coating that becomes lubricated upon exposure to water or saline solution, making insertion smoother and more comfortable for the user.

A hydrophilic coated catheter reduces friction, minimizing the risk of trauma or irritation to the urethra and bladder lining. A hydrophilic coated model is often preferred by users for its convenience and ease of use, requiring minimal preparation before insertion.

They come in various lengths, sizes, and styles to accommodate different user needs and preferences. With their user-friendly design and enhanced comfort, hydrophilic catheters play a crucial role in promoting bladder health and improving the quality of life for individuals requiring intermittent catheterization.

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