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All Terrain Wheelchairs & Offroad Wheelchairs

For those looking to roam the outdoors, an all terrain wheelchair is the ideal choice.

An outdoor wheelchair is made for traversing various all sorts of terrain. This can be done with add-ons or specially made wheelchairs for off road use, depending on your needs. All terrain wheelchairs come in a wide assortment, from the Bighorn 4x4 Stairclimbing Wheelchair to the Batec Mini.

Our selection of outdoor wheelchairs allows users to customize their chairs or buy a chair tailored to their personal preferences. We have all terrain wheelchairs for sale from brands such as E-Motion, Invacare, E-Wheels and many more!

We offer all terrain wheelchairs for adults and options for children as well. If you're looking to handle some rough terrain, get an off road wheelchair and enjoy riding free.

Looking for the right all terrain wheelchair for you? Give us a call and one of our offroad wheelchair specialists can help you find the right product: 1-619-810-0010.

  • The Tek-RMD, by Matia Robotics The Tek-RMD, by Matia Robotics

    The Tek-RMD, by Matia Robotics

    The Tek-RMD, by Matia Robotics   A brand new platform for mobility. Transfer into it simply, and enjoy standing and interacting with life again.     The Tek-RMD completely re-imagines the way individuals with Paraplegia and...

    $24,999.00 $20,999.00
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  • The Zoom All-Terrain Powered Vehicle angled view The Zoom All-Terrain Powered Vehicle through gravel

    The Zoom All-Terrain Powered Vehicle

    The Zoom All-Terrain Powered Vehicle by Zoom Mobility A Swedish-engineered, 4wd, electric all-terrain wheelchair  Meet the electric powered vehicle that takes you off the pavement, through snow and sand and into pure adventure...

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  • AS-4X4_BigHorn_Chair AS-4X4_BigHorn_Chair_Outdoors

    The Bighorn 4x4 Stair Climbing Wheelchair

    BigHorn 4x4 Stair Climbing Wheelchair The PW-4x4Q Bighorn Stair Climbing Wheelchair is an All-Terrain Recreational Vehicle with all-terrain capabilities and the Best Outdoor All Terrain Power Chair on the market loaded with a 4-Wheel Drive &...

    $19,999.00 $15,390.00
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  • Freewheel_front_wheel_attachment_attached Freewheel_front_wheel_attachment_Blue

    FreeWheel Wheelchair Attachment

    FreeWheel Wheelchair Attachment by Living Spinal Looking for a lightweight, durable front wheel wheelchair attachment that in seconds quickly and securely clamps to the solid footrest of your rigid-frame manual chair or any folding chair using the...

    $899.00 $599.00
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  • Blumil Seated Segway Blumil Seated Segway

    Blumil Seated Segway

    Blumil Seated Segway Experience Freedom!   Blumil is a unique seated solution for Segway users. Now you can enjoy the speed and versatility of a Segway, and traverse tough terrain, and tight spots with absolute ease, all from a seated...

    $12,149.00 $11,189.00
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  • SALE
    Hero Version - *Optional upgraded backrest and off-road tires shown Carbon Fiber Look

    Going+ Seated Segway

    GOING+ Seated Segway (6-8 week lead time, ships only to North America) Created by Handytech, the Going is a convergence of innovation, experience, and 20 years of hard work.  The Going Seated Segway is a revolutionary combination of the...

    $17,250.00 $16,099.00
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  • Loopwheels Urban Everyday(Pair) Loopwheels Urban Everyday(Pair)

    Loopwheels Urban Everyday(Pair)

    Loopwheels Urban (sold as a Pair) Loopwheels Urban User Manual This pair of Loopwheels Urban suspension wheels for wheelchairs comes with black aluminium push rims Or Gekko handrims from Carbolife., and includs the choice of tires- Black solid tires...

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  • Batec Electric II

    Batec Electric II

    BATEC ELECTRIC 2 This model offers the best of the original BATEC and the latest Batec handbike technology: reverse gear and all-in-one screen. The BATEC ELECTRIC II has the perfect balance with a 18” wheel and a new wider...

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