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Electric Wheelchair Parts, Chargers & Batteries

Look no further to find all the electrical components you need for your wheelchair's power assist! At Living Spinal, we carry a wide range of electrical parts compatible with a variety of power assists, including: SmartDrive, E-Motion Wheels, the Tailwind and Seated Segway!

In addition to electrical parts, Living Spinal supplies chargers and batteries. We carry many innovative and high-quality brands, including: Drive and New Solutions.
Our comprehensive selection of electric wheelchair parts, chargers, and batteries give users the ultimate resource for maintaining and enhancing the performance of your electric wheelchair. We understand the importance of keeping your wheelchair in top condition, which is why we offer a wide range of high-quality replacement parts, including motors, controllers, joysticks, and more. Our electric wheelchair chargers are specifically designed to ensure fast and efficient charging of your wheelchair batteries, allowing you to get back on the move quickly. With our electric wheelchair parts and batteries, you can easily extend the life of your wheelchair and enjoy smooth and uninterrupted mobility with a quality electric wheelchair charger. Choose our electric wheelchair parts, chargers, and batteries for electric wheelchair use for superior performance, durability, and the convenience of having all your wheelchair needs in one place. Looking to find the right electric wheelchair parts for you? Give us a call and one of our wheelchair component specialists can help you find the right product: 1-619-810-0010.