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Seated Segways & Segway Wheelchairs


Our Segway wheelchairs allow you to sit while using the Segway Personal Transporter. They all take on virtually any kind of terrain and come with many options in terms of steering, so you can easily maneuver the Segway. You can now drive along beaches and forest trails, and even conquer hills and steps. Go wherever you want to go with a seated Segway!

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    AddSeat AddSeat


    AddSeat AddSeat Can Take You There! Developed in Sweden by the innovative company, AddMovement, the AddSeat is one of the latest and greatest self-balancing mobility seat kits.  The perfect vehicle for a wide range of abilitylevels, the...

    $18,199.00 $15,099.00
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  • Blumil Seated Segway Blumil Seated Segway

    Blumil Seated Segway

    Blumil Seated Segway Experience Freedom!   Blumil is a unique seated solution for Segway users. Now you can enjoy the speed and versatility of a Segway, and traverse tough terrain, and tight spots with absolute ease, all from a seated...

    $12,149.00 $10,989.00
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    Hero Version - *Optional upgraded backrest and off-road tires shown Carbon Fiber Look

    Going+ Seated Segway

    GOING+ Seated Segway (6-8 week lead time, ships only to North America) Created by Handytech, the Going is a convergence of innovation, experience, and 20 years of hard work.  The Going Seated Segway is a revolutionary combination of the...

    $17,250.00 $16,099.00
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