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Power Assist Wheelchairs & Handcycles


Looking to enhance your wheelchair to more of an off-road solution? Living Spinal offers a variety of Electric & Powered Wheelchair attachments to assist users looking to make navigating through rough terrains as easy as possible! 


Power assists attach to your manual wheelchair so you can go places without relying on anyone to help you. Living with disability doesn't have to take the fun out of living. Power assists let you go anywhere with less effort, joint pain, and exhaustion. 

Handcycles are made to be cycled around for exercise, travel, and recreation. They can either attach to your chair like Rio Mobility's EDragonfly, or they can be a standalone handcycle that you transfer into from your wheelchair, like the Top End Force 3. 

  • Freedom Trax in Sand Freedom Trax Black Model

    Freedom Trax FT1 Pro

    Freedom Trax FT1 PRO Use your own wheelchair to explore places you've never thought possible.   A motorized track system designed to transform any wheelchair into an off-road vehicle that can traverse sand, snow, gravel and mud...

    $7,499.00 $6,355.00
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  • The Zoom All-Terrain Powered Vehicle angled view The Zoom All-Terrain Powered Vehicle through gravel

    The Zoom All-Terrain Powered Vehicle

    The Zoom All-Terrain Powered Vehicle by Zoom Mobility A Swedish-engineered, 4wd, electric all-terrain wheelchair  Meet the electric powered vehicle that takes you off the pavement, through snow and sand and into pure adventure...

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  • AS-4X4_BigHorn_Chair AS-4X4_BigHorn_Chair_Outdoors

    The Bighorn 4x4 Stair Climbing Wheelchair

    BigHorn 4x4 Stair Climbing Wheelchair The PW-4x4Q Bighorn Stair Climbing Wheelchair is an All-Terrain Recreational Vehicle with all-terrain capabilities and the Best Outdoor All Terrain Power Chair on the market loaded with a 4-Wheel Drive &...

    $19,999.00 $15,600.00
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  • Companion PLUS, by CHEELCARE Companion PLUS, by CHEELCARE

    Companion PLUS, by CHEELCARE

    Companion PLUS with optional QUAD Controls, By Cheelcare A power-assist that lets you go more and do more. Disconnect and reconnect in seconds.      Features Lightweight – less than 10 kgs – Ideal portable...

    $3,849.99 $3,349.99
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  • Dragonfly Manual Handcycle by Rio Mobility Dragonfly Manual Handcycle by Rio Mobility

    Dragonfly Manual Handcycle by Rio Mobility

    Dragonfly Attachable Manual Handcycle Nexus 8 Dragonfly Manual Handcycle Get the exercise you desire, without having to leave your everyday chair. By attaching the Dragonfly to your chair, you can utilize the handcycle to propel you forward,...

    $2,395.00 $1,999.00
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  • The SmartDrive MX2 segmented wheel. The SmartDrive MX2 segmented wheel.

    SmartDrive MX2+ Power Assist System

     SmartDrive MX2+ Power Assist System The SmartDrive MX2+ is the most innovative & lightweight rear-attaching power assist on the market! Incredibly light and portable, yet strong and robust. Though small, it is powerful enough to help you...

    $7,999.99 $6,626.00
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  • smoov one power assist alber smoov one rear view

    SMOOV One, by Alber

      SMOOV One Power Assist Alber Smoov One Tech Specs:  Easy to mount and remove with one hand Up to a 12 mile range Motor can handle slopes and inclines of up to 16% Blue Tooth Connectivity - App controlled for high degree of...

    $6,895.00 $5,500.00
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  • SALE
    AddSeat AddSeat


    AddSeat AddSeat Can Take You There! Developed in Sweden by the innovative company, AddMovement, the AddSeat is one of the latest and greatest self-balancing mobility seat kits.  The perfect vehicle for a wide range of abilitylevels, the...

    $18,199.00 $15,099.00
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  • Blumil Seated Segway Blumil Seated Segway

    Blumil Seated Segway

    Blumil Seated Segway Experience Freedom!   Blumil is a unique seated solution for Segway users. Now you can enjoy the speed and versatility of a Segway, and traverse tough terrain, and tight spots with absolute ease, all from a seated...

    $12,149.00 $11,189.00
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  • SALE
    Hero Version - *Optional upgraded backrest and off-road tires shown Carbon Fiber Look

    Going+ Seated Segway

    GOING+ Seated Segway (6-8 week lead time, ships only to North America) Created by Handytech, the Going is a convergence of innovation, experience, and 20 years of hard work.  The Going Seated Segway is a revolutionary combination of the...

    $17,250.00 $16,099.00
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