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Wheels that smooth-out your ride. 


Going over bumps, rough roads, uneven surfaces, door thresholds, and other difficult terrains can be painful, difficult, and even detrimential to your health and make things like spinal pain and pressure sores worse. They can also increase the chances of you falling out of your chair. 

See our products that absorb vibrations before they're transferred into the frame of your wheelchair. 


Wheelchair suspension wheels are innovative and adaptive components designed to significantly improve the comfort, stability, and maneuverability of wheelchairs. These suspension wheelchair wheels are engineered with advanced shock-absorbing technology, featuring built-in suspension systems that effectively reduce the impact of uneven terrain, bumps, and vibrations during mobility.

Utilizing mechanisms such as air-filled tires, elastomers, or springs, these wheelchair shock absorbers minimize jolts and vibrations experienced by the wheelchair user. By mitigating the effects of rough surfaces or obstacles encountered outdoors or indoors, suspension wheels provide a smoother ride, enhancing comfort and reducing fatigue.

This specialized technology of a wheelchair with suspension not only increases user comfort but also aids in preserving the wheelchair's structural integrity over time. Wheelchair suspension wheels exemplify a crucial advancement in mobility aids, offering users greater independence, improved ride quality, and enhanced overall mobility experiences.

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