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Loopwheels Extreme Offroad (Pair)

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Product Description

Loopwheels Extreme

Pair of Loopwheels Extreme suspension wheels for wheelchairs with black aluminium push rims. Including Schwalbe Marathon plus off-road tires.


Loopwheels Extreme was invented in response to your feedback:

  • With a power attachment, you are travelling faster & further, and need to reduce bumps & vibration that you can feel
  • You are aware of the long-term damage of on-going vibration and want to minimise that impact
  • You want wheels that match the off-road look/style
  • You want a wheel that is light enough to lift in and out of the car with one hand

Extra Stability, Extra Speed, Extra Freedom

Loopwheels have developed a robust wheel with world-class suspension that works at higher speeds, for use with power attachments.

Choosing Your Spring Rate
The springs use hi-tech carbon composite materials and are available in 3 spring strengths (Soft, Regular and Stiff).

These rates will allow customers to get the best comfort and health protection for their weight and the typical activities that they undertake.

Weighing under 3lbs (1.36kg) per wheel, and removing much more vibration than any other brand of a wheel, it is the definitive wheel if you love travelling faster on tracks and off-road.

This 22″ wheel takes a larger, Mountain bike style tire, the Marathon Plus  to bring the whole wheel with tire to 24″ Diameter. 

Wheel Size

24" Outer Diameter with Marathon Plus tire , but mounted onto a (507 mm) 22" rim so you can switch out with a everyday 24" wheel set on 1" tires easily and without a change in rear seat height. Most riders have 24" rear wheels and so if you try and put big Moutain bike style tires on a 24" rim you will end up raising your rear seat height.  

ETRTO number (Tire size)

47 - 507 (24" x 1.75") 

Axle bearing

1/2" (12.7mm)  

Spring/loop materials

Ultra lightweight carbon fibre


Double-walled aluminium, black

Inner rim width



Machined, black anodised aluminium 

Wheel hub width (Bearing width from outside bearing face to outside face)


1.8" (45.8mm) 

Wheel weight

3lb (1.36kg)

Minimum user weight

77 lbs (35kg)

Maximum load (user and chair)

265lbs (120kg)

Gekko Handrims

For wheelchair users with complete hand function and with full or reduced manual power.


What are the benefits of Gekko handrims?

Perfect ergonomics and outstanding grip combined with low weight make the Gekko a unique, revolutionary grip tire. The rugged, interchangeable silicone lip, fully integrated into the profile, contributes to the rider's exceptional handling characteristics and provides unsurpassed ride comfort. The anodized, low-friction surface on the sides also reduces the heat during braking.

Which profile size and coating do we recommend?

Gladly we recommend the Gekko S for small hands to children's hands. Children learn at a young age the right use or the right grip. For normal and large hands, we recommend the larger GEKKO profile.

Hand function: complete hand function with complete hand power, complete hand function with reduced manual power
Size: For a 24" wheel
Surface / coating: anodized
Mounting form: 6 tabs ( tab mount)
Colour:  black




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Product Videos

How to Measure Axle Pin Length, Hub Width, and Axle Sleeve Depth on a Wheelchair. 02:56

This video walks you through how to obtain several key measurements for getting new wheels from onto your wheelchair. IMPORTANT NOTE: If you’re adding spacers to your axle pin to prevent tire rub, you need to account for the spacer width when calculating the axle pin length. The ideal formula for new pins is as follows: Hub width of wheel + spacer width(if any) + axle sleeve length of chair = Axle pin length For more information, and to find availability for new pins, spacers, wheels, and any other wheelchair lifestyle products you may need, visit:

  • How to Measure...
    This video walks you through how to obtain several key measure...

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