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Wheelchair Harnesses, Positioning Straps, and Leg Straps

Wheelchair straps, wheelchair foot straps, positioning straps and leg straps are critical accessories designed to enhance the safety, stability, and postural support for individuals using wheelchairs. Wheelchair harnesses are typically adjustable and secure around the torso, providing upper body support and preventing falls or slumping.

Positioning straps aid in maintaining proper posture by securing specific body parts to the wheelchair frame, helping individuals achieve optimal positioning and alignment. Leg straps and velcro foot straps for wheelchairs are designed to secure the lower limbs, preventing leg movement that could interfere with stability or comfort.

These straps and harnesses are essential for wheelchair users with limited muscle control or individuals requiring additional support due to medical conditions. Properly fitted and adjusted, these accessories contribute to user comfort, prevent injuries, and promote independence by ensuring a secure and supportive seating position in the wheelchair.

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