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The Bighorn 4x4 Stair Climbing Wheelchair

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Product Description

BigHorn 4x4 Stair Climbing Wheelchair

The PW-4x4Q Bighorn Stair Climbing Wheelchair is an all terrain, self-balancing 4-wheel drive power chair that can handle difficult terrain including climbing up and down stairs, steep slopes, snow, sandy beach, muddy or bumpy roads etc. Easily get over those frustrating curbs and inclines, and get a few steps ahead in daily life.

Let the Bighorn bring you to new and exciting places, and let loose your adventurous spirit.


Rugged, but comfortable

  • Gyro system synchronizes the angle of seat in relation to the ground as you drive.
  • Seat angle is automatically adjusted on stairs or slopes, allowing you to maintain an upright seated position.
  • Climb up and down as high as 15cm (5.9 inches) at 25 degrees. 
  • Make a 360° U-turn on the spot, with a turning radius of only 49 cm (19.2 in).
  • Power tilting seat to allow more comfort
  • Racing car seat design with deep contoured high support memory foam.

Powerful, but elegant

  • Range of 12.4 miles of climbing and driving on rough terrain; and up to 18.6 miles on flat surfaces.
  • Max speed of 4.7 mph
  • Dimensions: 45" x 29" x 54"
  • Rear and side LED lights makes the Bighorn highly visible while driving on the road, especially at night.
  • PG drive controller, with excellent control precision and LED display.
  • Total wheel-to-wheel width: 29"

Specific and unique design, but capable of full customization

  • Adjustable chair height and armrests
  • A friend can stand behind the seat to travel together. 
  • Customized measurement for every order
  • Higher sitting position for better social interaction and vision.


Max speed 7 km/h
Weight with batteries 143 kg
Max Load Capacity 150 kg
Seat Width 20″(front) and 18″ (rear section)
Seat Height (Front) from ground 63cm (25″)
Seat height (Back) from ground 61cm (24″)
Seat Depth 49 cm (19.2″)
Width between armrests (adjustable) 50 cm to 59cm (19.6″, 23.2″)
Footrest to seat (adjustable) 34 to 43cm (13″~16.9″)
Turning Radius 360° U-turn on the spot, with a turning radius of 49 cm (19.2″).
Size with standard wheel 120 x 75 x 107 cm (47.2″ x 29.5″ x 42″)
Max distance per full charge 20~30 km
Charging time 8 hr
Max slope capability 30°
Max Step Height Capability 15 cm
Step climbable angle 25°
Batteries Lithium Battery LiFePO4
Level rack motor 300W x 1 pcs
Driving motor 750W x 2 pcs
Standard Wheel Size 15.5″
Large Wheel (Optional) 16.5″
Brake Electromagnetic braking
Drive manner Four-wheel drive
Arm Rest Raisable
Foot Rest Foldable
Back Rest Foldable



Known as the Best Outdoor All Terrain Power Chair:

  • The gyro system automatically adjusts the seat angle on stairs climbing or slopes, which allows your body to maintain an upright position.
  • 4WD (4 wheel drive) mode for all-terrain and stair climbing purposes.
  • Power saving mode to use the 5th wheel + the 2 front wheels for the flat surface environment. (Runs on 3 wheels only).
  • This 5th wheel can be lowered down to operate together with the 2 front wheels in order to save electricity.
  • Assuming the user is 75KG (165 lb), it can travel up to 24km (15 miles) with 3 wheels, and 18km (11 miles) with 4WD.
  • It can climb up and down the stairs as high as 15cm (6″) at 25 degrees.
  • Top driving speed is 7km/hr (4.35 mph)
  • Li-ion Batteries (More durable and efficient vs the traditional Lead Acid Batteries)
  • Able to make a 360° U-turn on the spot, with a turning radius of only 49cm (19.2″).
  • Front, rear, and side LED lights are equipped for highly visible while driving on the road at night.
  • Adjustable armrest width (50-59cm).
  • Racing car seat design with contoured memory foam.
  • Power tilt-in-space seat for more comfort.
  • Raisable armrests are height adjustable.

Lastest Improvement for new production from 1sth May 2020 onwards.

  • Lower seat level for easier transfer and better stability.
  • Using the latest Dynamic controller for better control precision, stability, and comfort.
  • New 5th wheel position and structure to ensure energy-saving and longer life span.
  • Overall quality improvement.


  • Optional extra-wide tires are available for snow and beach environment.
  • 2nd user can stand behind the seat to travel together or add-on an optional chair at the back.
  • PW-4x4Q is the best mobility aid for recreational purposes.


"My Bighorn has changed everything... I don't even give stairs a second thought anymore! Before there was so much planning ahead to avoid stairs in the errands I had to run and plans my husband and I made. And I can go to the beach whenever I want! Even if a friend asks last minute."

-Erika, Sarasota FL


"Most chairs have their limits as to what you can do with them...where you can go. Not the Bighorn. This thing goes anywhere and does anything." 

-Drew, Tacoma WA

The Bighorn is the best on the market for 4x4 off-road adventure capability. Crawl through mud and dirt, power through tall brush and cruise down the hiking trails!

Here are the latest features added to this model:

  • 12V, 27AH X High range Li-ion Batteries (More capacity, lighter weight, more durable and more efficient vs our previous Lead Acid Batteries)
  • Power tilt-in-space seat for more comfort.
  • Energy-Saver mode: The option to switch the chair into a 3 wheeled(two front and a built in rear wheel) power delivery mode to increase battery life and efficiency. 
  • Electromagnetic Braking System for reliable braking 

Product is sold with standard solid tires, pictured above, but pneumatic Extra-Wide Snow&Beach tires are available as well.


Warranty Information:

2 Year Parts Warranty covering everything except for wear and tear

Our unmatched Technical Support provided for the life of the product






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