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Aids & Assists for Daily Living

There are so many great products that can help our customers on a daily basis. Daily living is everything from the Intimaterider to help you get your magic back in the bedroom, to finding a nice recliner that will help you lift up and get out easily. 

We offer medical aids for users to enhance their everyday lives. From aids for elderly users to aids for handicapped users, our selection has you covered.

These health aids serve diverse and useful purposes for users, providing whichever sort of aid they need. Our selection includes everything from senior mobility aids, to adaptive utensils, scales and more.

Disability products for seniors and handicapped users can be critically important to their day to function, health and safety such as a turn signal adapter for disabled users or a shower sex chair for riding. Get a great deal on home aids for elderly or disabled users and stop worrying about having the right product when you need it.

With high quality products, we can ensure your satisfaction when you choose aids for elderly or disabled users from Living Spinal. Improve your life with the right handicap aids, you won't regret it.

Looking to find the right aids or assists for you? Give us a call and one of our medical assist specialists can help you find the right product: 1-619-810-0010.

Also, check out our Walking & Grabbing Assists!


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  • Summit Wheelchair Brakes, by Living Spinal Summit Wheelchair Brakes, by Living Spinal

    Summit Wheelchair Brakes, by Living Spinal

    Summit Wheelchair Anti-Rollback Brakes By Living Spinal   Climb Hills and Ramps Easier, even Conquer Stairs with Summit Anti-Roll Wheel Locks Summit Brakes make your day-to-day life in a wheelchair easier. Have a hard time pushing up ramps...

    Kč12 889,16 Kč5 164,06
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  • IntimateRider Adventure Set Intimate Rider

    IntimateRider Adventure Set

    IntimateRider® Sex Chair & RiderMate™ Deluxe Wedge Adventure Set for Wheelchair Users The IntimateRider® Adventure Set offers increased sexual mobility for you and your partner while providing comfort and stability...

    Kč25 778,32 Kč18 720,49
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  • IntimateRider Romance Set Intimate Rider

    IntimateRider Romance Set

    IntimateRider® Sex Chair & RiderMate™ Bench Romance Set for Wheelchair Users Designed for Couples who Refuse to Let Physical Challenges Get in the Way! Using the IntimateRider® with the RiderMate™ Bench will give you...

    Kč21 474,76 Kč15 492,82
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  • Intimate Rider_Using Intimate_Rider_Ridermate_Deluxe_Wedge_Kit_Combo_Use

    IntimateRider Sex Chair

    IntimateRider® Sex Chair for Wheelchair Users Looking for the best sexual mobility aid on the market? Look no further! The IntimateRider® Chair is specifically designed for disabled sex and those couples who refuse to let...

    Kč12 889,16 Kč10 737,38
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  • Intimate Rider High Back Sex Chair Intimate Rider Sex Chair

    IntimateRider High Back Sex Chair

    IntimateRider® High Back Sex Chair for Wheelchair Users Designed for Couples who Refuse to Let Physical Challenges Get in the Way! The IntimateRider® High Back sexual mobility aid supports taller users by adding 4" more of back support. The...

    Kč15 040,94 Kč12 243,63
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  • Bathing Sponge

    Bathing Sponge

    Bathing Scrub Sponge with Bendable Foam Handle Provides a firm grip and a large diameter, making the sponge easy to hold. Soft non-slip surface. Bendable handle conforms to desired shape without heat. The foam head is large in size and the unique shape...

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  • ResQup Gray w/ Dust Cover Unfolded ResQup Safari Brown w/ Dust Cover Unfolded


    ResQUp TheResQUp™ originated from a specific concern that was directed to Dr. Peraza in the course of his patient care duties about how to raise fallen patients from the floor to chair level. Extensive research, demonstrations of the...

    Kč11 834,57 Kč9 661,49
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