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Does your wheelchair lack traction and the ability to maneuver in hard to access areas such as grass, gravel, dirt, etc. Unfortunately, this is the case for many wheelchair users and the trouble lies in the chair's wheels themselves. What many individuals are not aware of, is that certain wheels are not designed for all terrains, therefore switching them depending on the terrain is highly recommended. An incredible product, made available by Kenda, are the Sumo Wheels. They are not only affordable, but ranked incredibly high by users as able to maneuver rough conditions.

These wheels not only provide incredible traction but also provide added air space inside of the tire intended for shock absorption. Additionally, the "Casing Added Protection" ensures that no damage will be done to the wheels while maneuvering through various terrains. These wheels are highly adaptable and excel under various conditions! Now, travel through conditions containing loose rocks, tall grass, muddy roots, single track and high speed descents, and many more outdoor obstacles with ease.

These tires are the exact product that all wheelchair users can benefit from. It is the perfect addition to any chair and work cohesively with other wheelchair attachments as well. For example these wheels can be paired with the Freewheel for the optimum travel experience.

Additional features of these wheels include:

  • 65% more puncture Protection
  • Low Rolling Resistance Rubber Compound, increased tread life, and lower weight
  • Climbing grip on both compact and intermediate dirt and great for railing corners.
  • Everyday Wheels 24" are equal to SUMO 22" Wheels (22x1.95 / 50-501)
    Everyday Wheels 26" are equal to SUMO 24" Wheels (24x2.10 / 54-540)

These wheels are multi-functional and intended for all wheelchair users. They are designed to fit most wheelchairs and have been outfitted to with light weight and high performance materials.

Watch this video below to learn more!

Sex and Communication

WARNING - Adult Content. If you are under the age of 18 years old, please leave this webpage.With Valentine's Day right around the corner, we thought we'd touch on a sensitive topic that needs attention...Sex after paralysis.Spinal cord injury and paralysis changes the course of ones life right from the onset. The new reality thatmost [...]

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