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Using a backpack is second nature to most people...but have you ever thought about how difficult backpacks are for wheelchair users to use? Traditional backpacks are not accessible to most wheelchair users, who have to sling them on the back of their chair and tweak their bodies around to blindly fish around to find what they need.

This is not only incredibly frustrating, but can lead to pulled muscles and an overexertion of the upper extremities, Potentially leading to future damage!

Fortunately, many wheelchair users have helped inspire new backpacks, tailored especially for their personal needs. Continue reading to see the backpack options that exist today for wheelchair users.

The Handy Bag product line in particular has brought to the market an entire product line of wheelchair tailored bags and pouches!! This innovative brand has changed the way traveling and keeping products safe has always been gone about for wheelchair users. All 5 of the Handy Bag products within the line have been designed with the ultimate goal of easy accessibility with virtually no effort!

The best 5 wheelchair bags on the market are listed below!


The Dynamic Bag is a favorite amongst Living Spinal customers. This bag consists of 2 parts, the carrier and the bag itself. The magnetized attachment system embedded in the design ensures firm attachment and the guarantee that your belongings will not slip out and protection from theft. We recommend this product to all manual wheelchair users. It is perfect for travel and for everyday activities.

Manual wheelchair user product


The Dynamic Minima Bag also consists of two parts and is embedded with a magnetized attachment system. It takes absolutely no time to snap on and off while ensuring the sturdy attachment of the bag to your chair. The Dynamic Bag has a new special buckle which is based on magnets called Fidlock included!!

Manual wheelchair user product


The Side Bag is a smaller unit compared to the Dynamic Bag product. It is able to be attached to both electric and manual wheelchairs but is the perfect solution for electric wheelchair users in particular. The side bag is designed to be handled with just one hand, which makes it easier to use thanks to a unique inner shell system.


The STATIC 3.0 is designed with detachable and adjustable buckle based straps, and can fit any wheelchair- both wide and narrow. The bag has three compartments located in the front: large, medium and small. On the sides of this Handbag product there are also two net compartments.

Manual and electric wheelchair user product


The Pouch by Handybag is located at the front bottom area of the wheelchair. The product has four anchor points which prevent the pouch from swinging and hitting the user or wheelchair during use. It is located in a more safe and more durable location to guard your personal belongings than pouches of the past. There is one compartment and it is designed to carry the belongings needed at close reach such as wallets, keys, phones etc.


The Vertical Quokka Bag is a practical bag suitable for all wheelchair types. It locks into place by an easy to click lock system in the front of the wheelchair. The magnet located in the front of the bag allows for easy closing and opening.


The Horizontal Quokka Bag has the same characteristics as the Vertical Quokka Bag, the only difference is its horizontal design.


The Small Quokka Bag is a miniture version of the Vertical Quokka Bag, with same characteristics mentioned above.


Features of the New Solutions Backpack include:

  • big rings for easy gripping
  • backpack features waterproof/heavy duty material
  • fits any wheelchair with handles
  • small pockets for personal items
  • large pocket for big items

Check out these videos below for more information:

Our favorite wheelchair backpack

The Dynamic and Side Handy BagTired of reaching around and blindly fishing for belongings in your backpack?Tired of relying on others to carry stuff for you?Suffering from low upper body dexterity, making traditional backpacks hard to use? Want to hide your catheter from view?Then you need to check out the Handy Bag... The Dynamic Handy Bag is [...]

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Your wheelchair bag sucks, here's why!

Your wheelchair bag just plain stinks. Yes, yours! We surveyed our customers at Living Spinal and found out that no matter the bag they use (under carriage, purse, backpack) there are downfalls for each and everyone of you. 50% prefer a "medium" sized bag over small or large. 35% were worried about their valuables being stolen out of [...]

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