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Softwheel 3.0

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Product Description

SOFTWHEEL 3.0 for Wheelchairs

For manual wheelchair users who spent most of their day in a wheelchair here is a top priority Innovative In-Wheel Suspension Technology for a Smoother Ride Comfort. Numotion in-wheel suspension technology of The SoftWheel renovates the wheel to enhance comfort for the user, a real game changer. Provides extraordinary rigidity and stability by absorbing impact shocks and vibrations. It helps to reduce pain and fatigue often experienced by daily wheelchair use. Three suspension arms set up inside the wheel rim absorb shocks from any direction. It offers unparalleled cushioning on uneven pavement by absorbing the shocks that are usually felt by the user and makes the wheels do the work instead of the user. Rapid Shock-Reset Rapid Shock-Reset enables the shocks to engage quickly when needed, providing the user with easier chair control. SoftWheel by Numotion is equipped for action regardless of the angle of impact unlike traditional wheelchair suspension systems. They offer as much stability and as fast a ride as the highest-quality regular rims on the market.



Patented In-Wheel Suspension System


   In-Wheel Suspension

3 suspension arms are built inside the wheel and compress to absorb shocks


           Rigid Rim

Wheel rim is always rigid & strong, while the suspension arms & hub compress to provide shock absorption


       Automatic Actuation

Suspension arms automatically compress when encountering an obstacle or rough terrain, and remain rigid & strong over flat surfaces


          360° Suspension

Arms are set equidistant around a central hub to provide shock absorption - no matter the angle of impact


  Rapid Shock Reset

Suspension arms immediately reset and return the wheelchair – and rider, to a level ride







Don't let pain and fatigue be a normal part of using your wheelchair. SoftWheels can help reduce neck and back pain when overcoming daily obstacles by minimizing the shock impact you experience with traditional spoke wheels.


 The extremely rigid rim eliminates flex, maintaining rolling efficiency regardless of the suspension system's actuation.


 After absorbing shock, the three suspension pistons reset to their rigid rolling state in about 1/3 rotation of the wheel.


SoftWheel Features:

  • Dual system suspension with high & low frequencies
  • Silent mechanism
  • Quick axle release
  • IP55: protected from dust & water
  • Slim rim with lighter design
  • Anodized aerospace aluminum

Shock Absorption That Actuates Only When You Need It:

The wheel rim always remains rigid, while the suspension arms & hub shift to provide shock absorption only when needed – when
encountering an obstacle or rough terrain.

This leads to a smoother, more efficient ride over all types of terrain.


 What People Are Saying:



 Clinical research shows SoftWheel helps improve health, safety, and comfort


 Softwheel makes a real difference in people’s lives:


Review my Wheeelchair -- 9.5 Amazing

“A Significant Ride Improvement”
“Soft-roading is a breeze, moving
over rougher ground without any
significant sudden jolts…
It reduces the impact transferred
from frame to spine…
SoftWheels offer a working
professional a significant ride

Review My Wheelchair
April 2018



“A Softer Ride”

“A pretty impressive feat of
the ride did become
noticeably softer. All the
bumps, cracks and drops
on my daily pushing routes
were noticeably smoothed…
By switching wheels, my
chair felt like it had built-in

New Mobility
November 2017



 For maximum performance, SoftWheel is available in 4 stages, customized to a rider’s weight:


Weight (kg)

Weight (lbs.)


up to 50 kg  

up to 110 lbs


50 - 70 kg  

110 - 155 lbs


70 - 90 kg  

155 - 200 lbs


90 - 136 kg  

200 - 300 lbs


Size: 24” & 25”
Hub: AL 6061 T6; high precision CNC
Rim: AL 6061 T6
Bearing diameter: U.S. or
European standard
Load limit: 136 kg (300 lbs.)
Wheel weight: 1.8 kg (4 lbs.)


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Product Videos

SoftWheel for Wheelchairs - In-Wheel Suspension 02:32

Add suspension to your Wheelchair, whether it's a ridged or folding chair. The SoftWheels have 3 shocks in place of spokes. These shock are pre-loaded to handle a certain amount of user weight. To learn more, visit:

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