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SUMO Wheelchair Wheels - All Terrain (sold as a pair)

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Product Description

SUMO Wheelchair Wheels, by Living Spinal

Complete Kit, Sold as a pair



Your ticket to outdoor cruising. Manufactured by Spinergy to help you push through grass, gravel, dirt and any other obstacle that needs extra traction to pass.

The SUMO Wheelchair Wheels were designed from the ground up to provide you with a universal off-road capable wheel that will fit on nearly any everyday wheelchair.

We start by taking Spinergy's specified high performance aluminum rim which is laced by Spinergy with strength enhancing 14-guage direct-pull spokes. Spinergy then finishes it off with a great looking Spinergy designed aluminum hub. Straight-pull spokes are more reliable for off-road and outdoor use because they are less likely to snap than the traditional "J-Bend" spokes. Choose either the stock handrims or upgrade to the Super Grip handrims.

sumo-wheelchair-wheels-with-a-sumo-axle-pin.jpgThe SUMO Wheelchair Wheels include exclusive Spinergy designed high performance lightweight CNC machined hub in black.

The tires are Kenda Nevegals, which provide incredible traction. The added air space inside the tire will give you a small amount of shock absorption. With the "Casing Added Protection" you won't have any problems romping through the woods or mountain bike trails. It is highly adaptable and excels under various conditions, from loose rock, tall grass, muddy roots, single track and high speed descents, and many more. Maybe now's a good time to pickup a FreeWheel for those outdoor excursions? :)

  • CAP (Casing Added Protection) 65% more puncture Protection
  • L3R (Low Rolling Resistance Rubber Compound, increased tread life, and lower weight)
  • Incredible climbing grip on both compact and intermediate dirt and great for railing corners.


sumo-large-box-sticker-tech-specs.jpgHelp! My wheelchair has 7/16" bearings in the wheels!

Fear not, it's easy to switch out the bearings in your Sumo hub to fit your wheelchair!


Sumo wheels come standard with 1/2" diameter bearings in the hub, and use 1/2" axle pins.  If your chair is set up for 7/16" wheels, then simply purchase a set of 7/16 bearings to switch out with the 1/2" bearings. They will easily swap out, and you can then get some 7/16" axle pins at the correct size for your Sumo Wheels. You will need to add bearing spacers as well to make room so the bigger sumo wheels don't rub the chair or your clothes. Here's a few links(below) to get you started. 

Link for 7/16" bearing spacers

Link for 7/16" Axle bolts ( bolt on)

Feel free to give us a call if you need help working out what you need!

Axle Pin Sizing








Tire size and how it will work with your chair

Due to the larger diameter of the Kenda Nevegal tires, 22" SUMO Wheels will roll like 24" wheels and 24" SUMO wheels will roll like 26" wheels.


Actual Size of Sumo Tire Diameter 

Pick the correct size for you so that your rear seat height is comfortable for you. 

Everyday Wheels 24" are equal to SUMO 22" Wheels (22x1.95 / 50-501) Actual Diameter = 23-3/8"

Everyday Wheels 26" are equal to SUMO 24" Wheels (24x2.10 / 54-540) Actual Diameter = 25-3/4"


Actual Size of Sumo Handrim Diameter

Sumo 22" handrim diameter is 19-1/4"

Sumo 24" handrim Diameter is 20-3/4"


Who to pick the right quick release axle pin length

1.75" Sleeve =1 spacer at 4.25" axle pin

1.75" Sleeve =2 spacer at 4.50" axle pin  


2" sleeve =1 spacer at 4.50" axle pin

2" sleeve =2 spacer at 4.75" axle pin  


2.25" sleeve =1 spacer at 4.75" axle pin
2.25" sleeve =2 spacer at 5" axle pin 


2.5" sleeve =1 spacer at 5" axle pin

2.5" sleeve =2 spacer at 5.25" axle pin


(Sold as a pair)





Spokes 14 Guage
Spoke Count 30
Spoke Colors Silver
Spinergy Handrim Options Silver Aluminum, Super Grips.
Wheel Size(s) 22", 24"
Spoke Specification Radial Laced Wheelsmith straight pull spokes.
Bearing Sizes Stainless Steel 1/2" Axel Bearing
Wheel Weight 776g/Wheel




How to add spacers and know what size Axle pins to add to the wider Sumo wheels so they don’t rub on you or your clothing.


What is the wheel hub width?

What the axle Sleeve depth?

What is the difference from the 2.1 inch wide sumo and your current wheel width.


Here is how we figure that out.


  1. Your wheel hub size is measured from the inside bearing outer wall to the outside wheel bearings outside wall. The sumo has a 2.25 or 2 - ¼” inch wheel hub width. ( you can measure yours by taking out your axle pin and sticking a pencil through and marking how wide the outside walls from bearing to bearing.)

  2. The axle sleeve is the female side of the wheelchair where the axle pin is inserted. You can determine how deep your chair’s axle sleeve is by taking your wheel and axle off the chair then hold the axle in against the wheel, flip the wheel over so the axle is facing up in your lap and then measure the distance the pin comes through the wheel. You are measuring from the inside bearing wall of the wheel to the axle pins single small ball bearing that is the release bearing for taking the wheel off.  We do not measure to the end of the axle pin for the Small ball is truly the inside end depth of your axle sleeve. ( for example all tilite chairs have a axle sleeve depth of 2” inches.

  3. So if we do not want to add spacers and we determine that we have a 2” axle sleeve that the pin goes into and the sumo’s have a 2.25 wide hub then we would need a 4.25” inch long axle to fit the sumo wheels.

  4. Most customers want to have the same or at least close to the same spacing with the sumo’s as they have with their normal wheels. So here is how we figure that out. We subtract the width of our current tire to the width of our Sumo 2.1 inch wide tire. So for example if we have a 1” inch tire currently and we subtract  the sumo width 2.1 (2.1 - 1= 1.1) 1.1 is the difference between the two tires. Now half of that difference is the amount it will be wider on each side of the tire then your current 1” tire. So that means your sumo’s will be .55 or a little over a ½ inch closer to the chair.

  5. Next you want to measure how far your current wheels are from your chair, usually the side guard is the closest part of the chair that might rub. So if that width or space is 1” it will now ne .45” or a little less then ½ inch from your chair. In order to space the Sumo wheels back out to that original with of 1” so your  clothes or chair do not rub you will want longer axle pins and some bearings to use as spacers.

  6. We have found that ½ inside dimension bearings work as great spacers. Each spacer is a ¼ of an inch wide and so we would recommend in this example to use 2 spacers on each side to give you back a ½ inch so that you will have .95” or almost a 1’ inch space again so that your clothes don’t rub.


Wheel Hub Example ( out side bearing showing)




...Still don't understand Axle Pins? Here's a video that goes through it all. 



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