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  • Airwheel F3 Mask Airwheel F3 Mask

    Airwheel F3 Mask

    Airwheel F3 Mask Smart Respirator - PM2.5 Particle Pollution Filter CE and FDA certified from Airwheel, the Air Experts  The Airwheel F3 mask features a unique ventilation design with a built in, motor drive wheel cavity, to draw in air and...

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  • GlassOuse Assistive Device GlassOuse

    GlassOuse Assistive Device

    Glassouse Assistive Device GlassOuse Assistive Device is a hands-free device worn like glasses to control your computer, smartphone, or television with only your head. It's hybrid glass-mouse connection technology is precise and easy to use. Worn as...

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  • LiftMeUp Recliner LiftMeUp Recliner

    LiftMeUp Recliner

    LiftMeUp Recliner The LiftMeUp recliner, a motorized device that instantly transforms any bed into an adjustable bed, enabling its users to get in and out of bed more easily, sleep at an incline and recline comfortably, all at the touch of a...

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