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NuDrive Air

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Product Description

NuDrive Air


NuDrive is an innovative new lever-drive propulsion accessory for manual wheelchair users. It will save your shoulders, while providing increased mobility. With NuDrive you don’t need to propel your chair by gripping the wheel rims by hand; instead, you can propel yourself forwards, backwards, maneuver and brake, simply by pushing the levers. No more gloves, dirty hands, peeling rims, and sore shoulders...NuDrive is as easy to use as it is to snap on your wheelchair.

uden-1024x683.jpg med-base-1024x683.jpg med-base-og-stang-1024x683.jpg



NuDrive consists of two drive units and two wheel adaptors.

Its ‘Snap-Lock’ technology allows the wheel adaptor to be fitted in seconds, without altering any of the wheel configurations. Once in place, the lightweight design adds no width and can be left on the wheel, allowing for unhindered removal of the wheels if needed for transport. When you want to use NuDrive, the Drive Units can simply be clicked into place and then removed when finished.



It is! NuDrive Air enables easier forwards and backwards propulsion, maneuvering, and braking and features an inclusive control system that requires no hand or finger dexterity - all control is achieved thorough simple arm and shoulder movements.



Extensive evidence shows that prolonged over-exertion during manual wheelchair propulsion can result in chronic damage to the shoulder joint and other structures. The risk of damage is thought to be higher for children because of their lowered upper body strength. Recent medical research has highlighted the fact that propelling a wheelchair using the push rim produces high directional shoulder forces, and also physical discomfort. Research now recommends new methods of self propulsion, as a way to alleviate strain and damage to the shoulders and joints. The NuDrive's unique self-proportion handles, lowers strain without the loss of freedom for the chair user.

Technical Specifications


One pair for each wheel

NuDrive consists of two drive units and two wheel adaptors

Its ‘Snap-Lock’ technology allows the Wheel Adaptor to be fitted in seconds, without altering any of the wheel configurations. Once in place, the lightweight design adds no width and can be left unobtrusively positioned on the wheel, if you need to remove your wheels for transport. When you want to use NuDrive, the drive units can simply be clicked into place and then removed when finished.


To propel the chair

To propel the chair, first put NuDrive into ‘drive mode’ with an effortless outward flick of the levers. Once in ‘drive mode’ you can propel yourself forward simply by pushing the levers. To brake and steer, pull the levers inward, towards the body. NuDrive’s intuitive braking system also makes reversing easy: first return to ‘neutral mode’ with another outward flick of the levers, and then using the product brakes, grip and move the wheels in the desired direction.

NuDrive Air

NuDrive AIR can be fitted to all manual wheelchairs in a matter
of minutes. Straight from the box!

The wheelbase units fits the majority of standard wheelchair
wheels and with the three different rimadapter sets provided
with the NuDrive AIR, you are ready to go shortly after opening
the box.

NuDrive AIR is the perfect solution when you want to use the pushrims at home and the lever drive outside. The levers literally snaps in and out of the wheelbase units in seconds.



NuDrive Air Ergo

NuDrive AIR Ergo provides a more dynamic and ergonomic grip of
the handles. It is the perfect solution for more active users and for
children or young people who can benefit from having the hands
closer to the body.

With the handles bend slightly inwards against the body your
hands are placed in an even more natural position for pushing
and pulling the levers back and forth, reducing loads on the wrists
even further.

NuDrive AIR Ergo can be fitted onto most manual wheelchairs but
may not be the optimal solution if the wheelchair carries armrests.
NuDrive AIR Ergo is available with the standard transmission as
well as the EASY CONTROL transmission.



NuDrive AIR can also be delivered in an EASY CONTROL version that requires less arm strength when flipping between driving mode and neutral mode. So if you find it difficult to flip the levers between the modes EASY CONTROL could be an option for you.



Video Tutorials



Step 3 – BRAKING

 Step 4 – TURNING


Step 6 – INCLIMB



Measurement Guide

NuDrive is compatible with most spoked wheelchair wheels of 22” and 24” sizes and some wheels of 25”
sizes. To determine if your wheels are compatible with the NuDrive there are two things that are important:

1. You must measure the inner diameter of your wheel. In the table you can read the possible inner diameter range the NuDrive can fit into depending on which of the three different sets of adapters, that is supplied with the NuDrive, is being used.

NuDrive 22” version: 

  • ADAPTOR 1: 7.40 – 48.90 cm (18.68” – 19.25")
  • ADAPTOR 2: 46.40 – 47.90 cm (18.27” – 18.86”)
  • ADAPTOR 3: 46.40 – 47.90 cm (18.27” – 18.86”)

NuDrive 24”/25” version:

  • ADAPTOR 1: 52.50 – 54.00 cm (20.67” – 21.26”)
  • ADAPTOR 2: 51.50 – 53.00 cm (20.28” – 20.87”)
  • ADAPTOR 3: 51.50 – 53,00 cm (20.28” – 20.87”)

2. You must determine if your rim shape and width are compatible with any of the adapters 1, 2 or 3.

  • Adaptor #1: Suitable for flat rims 22-24 mm (0.86” – 0.94”) wide 
  • Adapter #2: Suitable for high profile rims 21-23mm (0.82” – 0.90”) wide 
  • Adapter #3: Suitable for high profile rims 18-20 mm (0.71” – 0.78”) wide 

**NOTE! Your wheel must have less than 36 spokes. MAG wheels are NOT
compatible with the NuDrive.

NuDrive Fitting Tutorial

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