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Phoenix Wheelchair Twinset Bag

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Product Description

Phoenix Wheelchair Twinset Bag

 A large check-in roller bag and a connecting hand luggage backpack. Both can individually connect to the Phoenix Compact bag sold separately. When selecting folding frame or no back bar frame your Twinset will be supplied with a universal adapter.


Compatible with rigid and folding wheelchairs. The Unstoppable Gear Bag Twin Set is essential kit for every wheelchair user. The two bag system includes an 87L wheeled bag and 37L backpack. The two bags clip together for easy transportation and can be used separately. Unstoppable is designed to carry all the weight so your chair won’t tip back when using your bag. Your Unstoppable bags will move easily with your chair in all directions and surfaces, even up and down curbs.

The gear bag attaches to the back of your chair whilst the backpack clips onto the gear bag for easy transportation. This set is hold and cabin luggage in one. Roomy, tough, durable and plenty of sections for storing items separately. Phoenix bags are perfect kit bags too.

New to the range is compatibility with wheelchairs that don’t have backrest bars or have backrest bars that are not round tubed. By selecting ‘Folding and no back bar frames’ your bag will come with our new universal adapter that bypasses the need to clip to the wheelchair itself.

  • Separate compartments include: a top pocket, mesh pockets, a shoe pocket and multiple zipped and open pockets
  • Large multi directional wheels roll in every direction and over obstacles with ease.
  • Easily load and transport items without having to disconnect the bag from the chair
  • Easy access: a top pocket can be reached while the bag is connected to the chair
  • Black and grey with red detail
  • Includes two bags: one backpack and one gear bag
  • Dimensions Gear bag 32″ x 18″ x 12″ – Weight 11lbs
  • Dimensions Backpack 19″ x 13″ x 8″ – Weight 6lbs

Gone are the days of struggling to push your wheelchair and your luggage at the same time. Travel with ease, with the Unstoppable Wheelchair Gear Bag by Phoenix Instinct.  Unstoppable travel bags are designed to work seamlessly with wheelchairs for easy, independent travel.  Our twin set consists of two bags, a large check-in bag and a connecting hand luggage back pack. The twin set has a total capacity of 118L.

Most brands of light weight wheelchair are supported including: Quickie, Kuschall, Panthera, Tilite, Oracing, Lasher and other lightweight rigid wheelchairs.

Travel is a major problem for wheelchair users, in a recent survey of 100 UK wheelchair users, 76% said that moving heavy luggage puts them off from travel. 95% said they would be interested in a luggage system designed for independent use by wheelchair users.  That is where the Unstoppable gear bag was born. We want travel to be easy and as painless as possible, for everyone!

What are you waiting for? Time to for a set of luggage that doesn't hold you back from traveling, but makes you excited to do so! 



Unstoppable Wheelchair Luggage is a two bag system, hand luggage and main luggage that easily connect together so they can be transported as one unit or used individually. Choose to transport using the built in wheelchair connector or the pull out telescopic handle. Main bag capacity 87 litres, weight 5kg, rucksack 31 litres.


Only premium quality materials have been used to create the highest grade of product. The tough outer skin of the main bag is backed with a cushioned foam layer providing protection to you valued belongings. Within the main compartment netted pockets allow you to quickly find essential items.



A top pocket can easily be reached while the bag is connected to the wheelchair. Within the top pocket a zip allows access into the main compartment facilitating loading or unloading of the main compartment via the pocket. This ease of access is perfect when on the go or using wheelchair luggage to load and transport shopping without having to disconnect the bag from the chair.


With matching materials and branding the rucksack works integrally with the main bag or on its own right to hang off the back of the wheelchair. Inside the front pocket of the rucksack there are multiple zipped and non zipped pockets.

Within the main compartment is a padded sleeve suitable for up to a 17” laptop and a separate padded sleeve for a tablet. Externally, bottle pouches are located either side.




Wheelchair Luggage is designed to fit the majority of rigid frame wheelchairs. It is important that your chair has a straight, round tube bar on the rear of the backrest. Compatibility can not be assured with oval or curved backrest bars. It is important you have enough space to fit your fingers between the backrest and the horizontal bar. Wheelchair luggage is not compatible with wheelchairs that do not have backrest bars. We will be offering adaptors for non compatible wheelchairs and will post updates on this site as these become available.


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Product Videos

Inside the Phoenix Instinct Twinset wheelchair luggage. 00:59

Sneak peak of the inside of our Unstoppable Gearbag from Phoenix Instinct. Available from: To order: Pick your brand on the Products page or pick "other brands". Then pick the compatible option for your chair. If you have any questions email

  • Inside the Pho...
    Sneak peak of the inside of our Unstoppable Gearbag from Phoen...

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