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Mint condition Blumil City (super low miles)

$5,600.00 $3,200.00
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Product Description


Blumil City

This mint condition Basically new blumil was delivered to a customer, but then unfortunately the customer had some very sudden health issues making it where he was not able to be in a wheelchair or ride the unit. The unit will come fully installed. The unit for sale has less then 5 miles in ride time. and is about 1 year old.  This unit is for sale at a very discounted rate. The unit will come with a brand new Battery shipped directly to you from the manufacturer. Peoples biggest concern when purchasing a used unit, is if the battery has been managed and taken care of so we have decided to sell this unit with a brand new second battery so there is not question of that batteries condition. Act now for this is a rare unit and they do not come on the market often. This unit will go fast with a brand new battery and being if such good conditions. The pictures above are off the actual unit. The unit already has the upgraded offroad tires which is another $159 upgrade.  There is a $350 additional fixed shipping fee for anywhere in the lower 48 states. Call if you have any questions. 

Discover all the city vibes on the lightest of electric wheelchairs! 

Lightest Seated Self-Balancing Mobility on the Market! 

(Available and ready to ship)

Blumil CITY is the electric wheelchair you never knew you needed but can't live without! Made for city life, it is lightweight (only 27 kg/ 59lbs), agile, speedy, and the range is incredible! Spend all day out and about, going to work, running errands, and be comfortable all the while! Thanks to its adjustable height, footrest, seat, and built in cushion, the Blumil City is a perfect everyday electric chair! 


The Blumil City uses the Ninebot MiniPro as its base. Even though the MiniPro is small, it packs a punch. Able to traverse over harsh weather conditions, narrow streets, up and over curbs...nothing will hold you back from exploring the world around you.  

When it comes to customizing, the Blumil City does not disappoint. In addition to the seat height, backrest, and footrest, the Blumil City allows you to change your parking handle to the right or left, catering to your dominant hand. 


Riding Blumil CITY

Whenever you feel like going out, just get on the Blumil electric wheelchair, and let your core do the work. All you need to do is slightly lean forward and steer the column in the required direction. Moving around the city has never been so easy and intuitive during day and/or night.


Blumil City Dimensions


Product Specifications:


Light and compact

Ergonomics is Blumi's top priority. Blumil made the City version compact, comparable to the size of a manual wheelchair, so that it can be easily moved and navigated in really tight spaces, like an elevator or public restroom. It makes it ideal for navigating within the confines of city life. 

Movable steering column

The steering column can be easily folded, so getting on and off the Blumil has never been easier! The position of the column can also be adjusted in order to fit to different heights and arm reach.



Easy transportation is crucial to Blumil's usability. Blumil City's designers made sure that it folds down to a small, compact size. It is even smaller than most manual wheelchairs when folded! The Blumil City can be easily transported in a medium sized car or on various modes of public transportation.    


Intelligent lights

The Blumil City is equipped with strong front automatic lights and indicators to make night activities safe and fun! The Blumil City also comes equipped with brake lights. 


Off road capabilities

If you need some off-road action, you can fit the Blumil City with special tires to turn it into an off-road machine!  

You will get significantly better vibration dampening on uneven surfaces and get greater grip on forest trails, gravel and other loose surfaces.




Connect your Blumil with your phone and have access to detailed driving data, speed, remaining range, settings and lights. Everything in the palm of your hand.

Exercise during your ride

Blumil is an active electric wheelchair that stimulates your body. During the ride, you engage your core muscles to work and thus by riding, you are also receiving a bit of exercise!

Check out these videos of Blumil in Action:


Technical Specifications

  • Max Speed: 18km/h or 12mph
  • Curbs Up To: 3cm or 1.18 in
  • Range: 25km or 15miles
  • Weight: 27kg or 60lbs
  • Seat Height: Adjustable 53 to 63 cm or 20 to 24 inches

*The Segway/Airwheel Base is a separate product from the seat-kit and the seat kit will take a little installation to mount to the power base. An installation guide will be provided and Living Spinal will help instruct you if you run into any questions or problems during installation. Please call 619-810-0010 with any questions.

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