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Omeo Evolution


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Product Description

Seated Segway Comparison Chart

The Omeo 

Mobility, Freedom, Independence

Coming Soon, Fall 2017


Living Spinal and the Omeo have partnered as their premiere dealer in the US! Get it first from Living Spinal! We are the most experienced seated self-balancing dealers in the country, and have been working in the seated self-balancing industry since it's inception in 2010!  

The brand new Omeo is revolutionizing the seated self-balancing industry! Unlike our other seated mobility products, the Omeo is a fully integrated system! No more installation or adjustments, the Omeo comes fully loaded and ready to ride the moment it lands on your doorstep.

The Omeo is your ticket to greater mobility and independence. One of the only fully integrated personal transportation systems, the Omeo integrates a dynamic seat control system with the very best of self-balancing technology. 

Built with the same type of gyroscopic technology used in Segways, the Omeo's "Dynamic Seat Control system (DSC)" moves with you and is incredibly easy to use completely hands free! Even though the Omeo is motorized, you are still using your core and upper body to move, turn, and balance, which helps maintain fitness all the while saving your shoulders from repetitive pushing injuries. 

What is even better are the Omeo's all-terrain wheels. It can go just about anywhere, from soft sand and gravel to rough terrain and inclines, to even navigating tight spaces, like restaurants. 

The Omeo is as fun as it is amazing! 

What sets the Omeo apart from other self-balancing seat kits?  

The Omeo, because it is a fully integrated system, is simpler to use and doesn't require any installation. The Omeo was also strategically designed for a wide range of physical ability levels, whether you are an amputee or a paraplegic, the Ogo will work just as well because the steering mechanism is incredibly fine-tuned to allow the smallest range of movements to steer and go forwards/backwards and left/right. The rider can use his body movements to steer the unit left and right, which is unique because every other unit in the market has a handlebar that you lean to steer. This is the first HANDS-FREE self-balancing technology on the market!

Product Specifications:

Balance or Joystick Steering

The Omeo is the first seated self-balancing device to have the choice to switch over to joystick steering and also gives you the ability to lock out the seat so that movements don't steer the device, just the joystick itself. If you want to steer with your core, you can switch off of joystick mode and steer the Omeo with minimal core movements. The rider can use his body movements to steer the unit left and right, which is unique because every other unit in the market has a handlebar that you lead to steer.   



The Omeo has a detachable backrest your can attach/detach in seconds. 


Long Range/ Speed

The Omeo can travel up to 24.8 miles on a single charge and reach speeds of 12mph.  

Landing Gear

Push button actuated landing gear. The Omeo is one of the only seated self-balancing technologies with landing gear that deploys with a quick push of a button. The landing gear stabilizes the Omeo so transfers on and off the Omeo are safe and secure.  


Check out these videos of Omeo in Action


Technical Specifications

  • Length with footrest up - 770 mm / 30.3 inches
  • Height with backrest on - 1000 mm / 39.4 inches
  • Height with backrest off - 610 mm / 24 inches
  • Width - 630 mm / 25.2 inches. All terrain kit - 830 mm / 32.7 inches
  • Battery x 2 - Lithium Ion
  • Battery x 2 weight - 11kg / 24 lbs
  • Travel distance - Up to 38 km / 24.8 miles on a single charge.
  • Weight - 65 kg / 143 lbs
  • Speed - 20 kph / 12 mph
  • Seat Height- The seat height is adjustable from 20 to 22 inches.
  • Footrest- The footrest has 2 height positions 2 inches apart.
  • Cushion- The cushion can be taken out of its cover and be replaced with any other cushion or filling, e.g Roho.
  • Seat Length- There will be 3 seat length options to suit height / thigh bone length.
  • Seat Position- The seat position can also be adjusted forward / back at 4 screw points in seat pan
  • Springs- Removable spring in seat for very light folks / kids 100-110 lbs

*Seated self-balancing mobility products are custom made, imported, and are non-refundable upon purchase. Please see our Shipping and Returns Policy page.


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Product Videos

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