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Blumil Seated Segway

2 product reviews Write A Review
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Product Description

Seated Segway Comparison Chart

Blumil Seated Segway

Experience Freedom!

(2-4 Week Lead Time)

If you're interested in a Blumil Self-Balancing Mobility device, have we got some great news for you! We have the Blumil Airwheel, which could save you $5,000 compared to the Segway version. Learn more here: Blumil Airwheel

Blumil is a unique seated solution for Segway users. Now you can enjoy the speed and versatility of a Segway, and traverse tough terrain, and tight spots with absolute ease, all from a seated position. Blumil is a seat kit that allows you to modify a Segway i2 or x2, and is fast, stable and comfortable with a long range (A single charge can cover over 20 miles.).  Easy steering of Blumil i2 gives you independence and comfort during city trips and off road excursions. Created and designed by Milosz Krawczyk to overcome his own mobility challenges, the Blumil serves as a versatile two-wheeled mobility device, giving you back the freedom you deserve. 

What sets the Blumil apart from other self-balancing mobility devices is the stabilizing braking system. Milosz created a braking system to allow for transfers, all the while keeping the Segway's unique balancing system working. 


Blumil Sizes:

The Blumil Seated Segway comes in 2 sizes. Standard and Large. The Large Blumil is 8cm / 3 inches taller than the Standard size.The Blumil is 17" wide and 20" deep.

Product Specifications:




The steering column detaches quickly for easy access and transport. The detachable steering column comes with a manual locking pin to lock the arm in position when in use. 


The Blumil has a foldable footplate and backrest for easy transport and storage.





Blumil’s patented parking mechanism guarantees that the Segway is stable and in an upright position when it is turned off, making it is easy and safe to transfer yourself on or off Blumil. It is also used when you want to lean over, for example to pick something off the ground or to reach out somewhere. Blumil’s parking mechanism is what makes it stand out among the competition. As it is quickly manually deployed, you do not have to hassle with additional batteries, and it is lighter than most other parking mechanisms. 



The maximum range is 38 km (23 miles), depending on the weight of the rider, surface and riding style. 

The top speed is 20 km/h (12.4 mph), allowing you to move over considerable distances quickly. 





As Blumil comes in different sizes it can be easily adjusted to every person’s individual measurements. You can be comfortable riding it all day long. The Blumil also fits on a range of Segway bases. 


Blumil I2 Technical Specifications


Check out these videos of Blumil in Action...


Custom Colors

Download a larger image here


*Seated self-balancing mobility products are custom made, imported, and are non-refundable upon purchase. Please see our Shipping and Returns Policy page.

*The Segway/Airwheel Base is a separate product from the seat-kit and the seat kit will take a little installation to mount to the power base. An installation guide will be provided and Living Spinal will help instruct you if you run into any questions or problems during installation. Please call 619-810-0010 with any questions.

Product Reviews

Average rating of 5 out of 5 from 2 reviews. Write Review

  1. Freedom 5 out of 5

    Posted by Scott Borgmeier on May 12th 2020

    My Daughter is 11 and weights in at 59 pounds. She was paralyzed 6 months ago and I never thought she would be doing the activities she is doing. This thing is amazing. The Blumil allows my baby girl to be a kid again. When the other kids ride bike around town she right there with them also playing tag in the yard and hide & go seek in the woods. She is an independent kid again. Thank You.

  2. I love my Blumil 5 out of 5

    Posted by Angela Hopps on Feb 10th 2017

    I tested a few different seated segways at the Los Angeles Abilities Expo with you guys and really felt comfortable on the Blumil. I really needed the landing gear to help during my transfer. Once I'm on it, I feel secure and confident that I'm not going to fall out. These things are amazing.


Product Videos

Seated Segway, Ninebot and Airwheel - BLUMIL with Living Spinal 02:01

The BLUMIL [bloo-mil] is a Seated Self-Balancing kit that will get you off your wheelchair and rolling around on a Segway, Ninebot or Airwheel. These seated self-balancing kits will have you sitting higher, moving quicker and turning heads everywhere you go! Checkout the full line of BLUMIL Seated Self-Balancing products at We are the leaders in the Seated Self-Balancing industry and have the customer service to prove it! Grab our 5 Creative Ways to Afford a BLUMIL Guide BLUMIL Seated Segway BLUMIL Seated Airwheel View Our Seated Segway Guide:

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