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eDragonfly Hybrid Power Assist Handcycle by Rio Mobility

$3,395.00 $2,195.00
(You save $1,200.00)
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Product Description

eDragonfly Hybrid Power Assist Attachable Handcycle

The eDragonfly Power Assist Handcycle allows you to turn your wheelchair into a versatile piece of exercise equipment. You can manually ‘pedal’ your hands to generate a terrific upper body workout, or switch to auto-mode if you get tired and need to rest. The powerassist takes you on your way without any interruption, letting the compact hub motor do the hard work while you steer. It goes twice the speed of an electric wheelchair!

From leisurely rides, to fast-paced racing, wheelchair handcycles can get you to where you need quickly and efficiently, all the while, getting your heart pumping. But when you need a break, the eDragonfly's electric motor will kick in to give you that extra boost of power.

The EDragonfly is perfect for trips to the park, for climbing hills, and driving over grass with ease.   Places that were once too difficult to visit in a wheelchair are now fully accessible with your EDragonfly!

The EDragonfly is very easy to assemble and install.  Our unique "Quick Dock" attachment system easily transforms your chair to a handcycle and back again by connecting and disconnecting 2 latches. Our patent pending design ensures easy on and off of your everyday chair. The handcycle uses many off-the-shelf standard bicycle parts, which make it easy to service.

Rio Mobility eDragonfly Power assist handcycle

Designed to fit most folding / rigid, adult and pediatric chairs.

The eDragonfly is both a power assist and attachable handcycle in one. It is the most affordable way to add a power assist and handcycle to your everyday chair. Rio Mobility's unique "Quick Dock" attachment system easily transforms your chair into a handcycle and back again by connecting and disconnecting four latches. Their patent pending design ensures easy on and off of your everyday chair. The eDragonfly is designed to fit most folding/ rigid, adult and pediatric chairs and with the added boost of an electric motor, you can go as far as 35 miles on one charge!

Instead of pushing everywhere on your wheelchair, start racking up the miles on your eDragonfly. Your shoulders will thank you!

Prevent Repetitive Strain Injuries and Go Further with the eDragonfly.

Power Assist

The power assist system added to the Dragonfly consists of the battery, controller, and electric motor. It can easily be detached and stored in any trunk.

250W Electric Assist Motor with Disc and V-brake

The brushless electric motor and belt drive gives smooth and quiet power. The secondary disc brake means braking with confidence.

7 Speed Shifter

The Shimano internal gearbox with coaster brake will give years of quiet, reliable, and maintenance free operation.

Attaches To Your Wheelchair In Seconds

The New Rio Mobility eDragonfly's clamps on easily to your wheelchair, giving you full control to load and unload. It clips on and off and easily loads into a car.


Your speed and distance are displayed, and there are five power assist levels to choose from on the fly. The display is easy to read and navigate. It will give you all the necessary readings like your speed, your current distance driven and much more! All the controls are within easy reach:

  • Quadrapalegic Friendly thumb throttles
  • 5 power levels selected through the display
  • speedometer and odometer
  • battery level indicator
  • reverse thumb throttle
  • two brake handles with parking brake capability

Lightweight Removable Battery

The lightweight lithium battery is easily removable. It has much longer life that lead-acid batteries.

Frame comes apart without tools for transport and storage

The frame easily separates into 2 pieces for easy transport. The entire unit collapses surprisingly small.


Technical Specifications


BATTERY: Lithium ion 36V, 6.6AH, 238 Wh
BATTERY RANGE: >20 miles/32 km

36V, 2A, input

voltage 100~240V


~4 hours if battery is fully discharged


250W, 36V geared brushless, hub motor


140mm disc brake and Promax V-brake


Frame Aluminum 6061 Light LED


7 speed derailleur 11-28T cassette 33T chain ring Index shifter

Attachment Frame Weight: 5.8 lbs / 2.6 kg
Drive Unit Weight: 17.3 lbs / 7.9 kg
Battery Weight: 4.5 lbs / 2.0 kg
Total Weight: 27.6 lbs / 12.5 kg
Shipping Dimensions:

36” x 9” x 13”

93cm x 22cm x 32cm

Shipping Weight: 34.0 lbs / 15.5 kg




Design and Look improvements   11-17-2017

We want to inform our customers that after this date all units will have a couple of design and look changes which are all improvements to the original design. After the new design has been on the market for over a year now these are the slight improvements. 

1. The quick release button for the attachment arms is no longer red and big button. It was getting damaged in situations where customers are hard on the unit. So it is now a silver metal small button which is stronger to rough treatment. 

2. The arms of the attachment are no longer round elbows they are squared off by having tubing welded and meeting another section of tubing. this allows for many more wheelchair types and especially narrow sizes to mount easily to the unit. This is very nice for kids wheelchairs which are very narrow. 

3. Lastly the units going out right now do not have the logo. 

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