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Bright Coloured Loopwheels Classics (pair)

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Product Description

Bright Coloured Loopwheels Classics

For our US customers, this product is a LivingSpinal exclusive!

Pair of suspension wheels for wheelchairs fitted with black aluminium push rims and Schwalbe Marathon Plus Tires & Tubes (Schrader Valve).



A pair of 24″ or 25″ shock-absorbing wheels for manual wheelchairs and active users. Choice of 6 bright colours, with black logos. Supplied ready fitted with black aluminium push rims, offset at either 19mm (wide) or 11mm (narrow) from the rim, or upgrade to more push rim options including the new beautifully designed range from CarboLife (Curve, Curve Large, Curve Grip, Curve Grip Large or Gekko).

Prices are shown ex-VAT.

This is VAT exempt product if you’re eligible according to UK/HMRC VAT rules – see note at check-out.

Why choose these wheels?

Loopwheels have integral suspension, designed to help you push over uneven streets, rough tracks, grass and gravel paths, with less effort.

The carbon springs absorb tiring vibration, bumps and shocks and give you extra power to get up or down kerbs/curbs.

Loopwheels are more comfortable than standard wheelchair wheels and tackle cobblestones & potholes with ease. They absorb tiring vibration, bumps and shocks.

Loopwheels fit most manual wheelchairs using standard quick release axles. Choose between 24″ and 25″ diameter wheels, with or without Schwalbe Marathon Plus pneumatic tyres. These wheels have a standard axle bearing diameter of ½” (12.7mm). If you need a 12mm axle bearing instead of ½” then please contact us.

Loopwheels are optimised for adults. If you weigh less than 50kg, you may not feel as much benefit from the suspension as someone heavier.

Push Rim Options

Loopwheels come ready fitted with black aluminium push rims, included in the price. We also offer alternative upgrade options:

Curve & Curve L are a high quality, ergonomic push rim designed and made in Germany. These are available in two sizes: ‘Curve L’ for a larger hand, or ‘Curve’ for smaller hands. Designed for wheelchair users with complete hand function.

Curve Tetra Grip & Curve Tetra Grip L push rims have the same ergonomic shape as the ‘Curve/Curve L’ but in addition are rubber coated for greater grip. Designed for tetraplegics with triceps function and for wheelchair users with complete hand function but little hand strength.

Gekko are designed for wheelchair users with complete hand function and complete or limited hand strength. Our best selling ergonomic push rim.

Clear anodised aluminium push rims are available on request.

We stock a range of ergonomic push rims, not all of which are listed here. If for example you prefer the Quadro pushrim from Carbolife, or a Q-Grip, please contact us as we’ll be happy to help.

We generally dispatch Loopwheels with aluminium push rims within 1 week. Wheels with push rim upgrades may take a little longer. We try to keep at least one pair of every push rim variation in stock but please contact us before placing your order if your need is urgent.

Quick Release Axles, Tires & Carry Bags

We have a wide range of accessories such as quick release axles, tires and padded carry bags for the wheels.

Axle Pin Size

3.75" Long, 4.00" Long, 4.25" Long, 4.5" Long, 4.75" long, 5" Long, 5.25" Long





Available Options 

Rim sizes

24" or 25"


double walled aluminium

Rim Width


Bead seat diameter (BSD) 24" Wheel


Bead seat diameter (BSD) 25" Wheel


Loop material

Carbon composite, with protective coating


Anodised, die-cast aluminium, graphite grey


Sealed cartridge bearings; width at faces 1.87 inch

Standard axle

½ inch (12.7mm) (Email us if you require 12mm diameter axle)

Weight (without push rim, tire or axle)

24" is 1.8kg; 25" is 1.85kg

Push rim

Standard: Black Powder-coated aluminium OR upgrade options (at additional cost)

Width of Push rim offset

11mm (narrow) or 19mm (wide) NB Surge narrow is 15mm

Weight limit per pair

265lb or 120kg

Colour of loops

Blue, Green, Orange, Purple, Red, or White

Colour of logos


Recommended tire

Schwalbe Marathon Plus

Recommended inner tube

Schwalbe tube; Presta valve or Schrader (car valve). 



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Product Videos

How to Measure Axle Pin Length, Hub Width, and Axle Sleeve Depth on a Wheelchair. 02:56

This video walks you through how to obtain several key measurements for getting new wheels from onto your wheelchair. IMPORTANT NOTE: If you’re adding spacers to your axle pin to prevent tire rub, you need to account for the spacer width when calculating the axle pin length. The ideal formula for new pins is as follows: Hub width of wheel + spacer width(if any) + axle sleeve length of chair = Axle pin length For more information, and to find availability for new pins, spacers, wheels, and any other wheelchair lifestyle products you may need, visit:

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    This video walks you through how to obtain several key measure...

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